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Tales of Monkey Island v. Original 4 [Inevitable Spoilers]

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Now that all of Tales has been released, what's your (initial) reaction to the series as a whole? If you had to compare it with the other four.

Personally, I can't make up my mind if I like LCR better or TMI better. I think I like those two better than CMI. After that is SMI, and a big drop off to EMI. (But I still really, really like EMI and think it is severely underrated.)
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  • PariahKing;238313 said:

    I think the explanation is that he is an extremely superstitious man who says stuff like "That's the devil's triangle, can't go there mon" if you click the "forbidden places." His character is the excuse for Kate.

    That, and he's only smart enough to sail to three places. It's like a cab driver who only knows a bit of town.
    Man, I feel like I should know that. I guess now that I just know the correct path, I forgot why. Bullshit Captain Dread-however, I guess the monocle ties in nicely with that.
  • To me, CMI and MI2 will always be right at the top, always fighting, because both are such great games, but it's good to now have TMI right behind them, only let down by a few things. I do like TMI more than SMI and it's fair to say my opinion of EMI isn't exactly high. :)
  • TimesNineXiX;238299 said:

    Therefore, I ask for more illogical puzzles. I want monkey wrenches, I want green spit, I want the dewey decimal system!
    I want this. Tales was far too easy with not enough puzzles. I do prefer it to EMI but at least escape was a challenge. Far too many dialogue puzzles in Tales and repeated puzzles (use hook on chest/look away while i steal your stuff) An engaging story, but drama and story wasnt the reason I got into adventure games. S&M season 2 was alot more like it in terms of diffuculty, I hope TMI s2 goes in the same direction. Very enjoyable nonetheless, but kinda relieved its over so we can finally look forward to sam and max :D
  • Oddly, I always was into MI games because of the story and characters and I never cared much about the puzzles. How would I rate the games? I wouldn't. Each has it's own merit. Heck, I even love EMI.
  • I can't say really because it's really a battle between ToMI, SoMI and MI2:LCR for me, and I cannot make a decision between them due to the fact that I cannot say how much my opinion for each has been influenced by things like nostalgia (for the older games) or novelty (for ToMI) to make a fair judgement, so I won't :p
  • 1. LR/CMI - cant split them, both absolutely awesome games.
    2. SMI
    3. TMI
    4. EMI

    Some things about tales really bugged me - the reuse of puzzles, the amount of stuff unexplained, and probably most - that you never go to monkey island or have anything to do with it, whats up with that?
  • Having experienced almost the entire series in the last 48 hours, I think I can safely say I choose no favorites. Even Escape had its moments. Curse will always be a sentimental favorite, being my first adventure game, but I can't really see myself ranking them. To me they're all inextricably linked and if I'm going to play one of them, I'm probably going to end up spending a week (or in the case of the last time I did it, a day) running the whole series.
  • I guess I need to let the game as a whole sink in some more before making up my mind as to where I would place it in the MI hierarchy, but my initial reaction is that I place it below MI2 and SMI, but above CMI and EMI.
  • Dinghy Dog;238429 said:
    that you never go to monkey island or have anything to do with it, whats up with that?
    Yeah I was thinking this throughout the whole series...I would have liked to have seen one or more of the more recognisable locations from the series...Certainly Monkey Island would have been a nice addition considering the title of the game... :P

    As far as rating them goes, I think I should probably go back and replay the games as it really has been awhile...but I'd say right now it'd be this order...

    1. LCR and CMI tie for first...LCR was just awesome and actually freaked me out as a kid (lol), plus I just found it funny as that by then Guybrush was a pirate, but he was still getting mocked for being a rubbish one...I hold a soft spot in my heart for CMI though, the art style and visuals made that game, one of the funniest moments in my video game lifetime was when Guybrush dropped the tofu into his pants...good lord that was funny...Oh and this was the first time we heard Domonic Armato as guybrush in the series...

    2. TOMI...Although rather easy by comparison, the episodic format works brilliantly for this some of the models were fantastic...Guybrush looked awesome, Elaine and Morgan were hot (>.>) and Lechuck looked killer as well...overall it was a great addition to the series...

    3. SMI...Not far behind TOMI, this opened the series and therefore was awesome...I put it down to 3 though because I never really liked how Guybrush looked in the first game...much preferred his MI2 look...and to think, he looks EVEN WORSE in the special edition!

    4 (By a long way). EMI...I never finished this game, and have no inclination to after watching my sister play through it...controls are bad, graphics are bad, puzzles were mostly boring (and in some cases annoying) and after the greatness of CMI and LCR, it just makes me want to throw the disc at the wall...
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