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!!No email telling me Episode 4 was released!!

posted by Depode on - last edited - Viewed by 529 users

For some reason i don't received any email telling me that the latest episode of Sam & Max has been released...
I have bought the whole season...
And now i can't remember my order number... :(
What can i do? :confused:

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    Check your spam or bulk folder (mine ends up there every month :)).

    If you can't find the email there, you can email support ( [email][/email] ) and they'll find your order number (you'll need to give them the email that you used to order I believe).

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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    If you bought the season it's the same order number you've always had, so if you can find an email from episodes 1 - 3 you can plug that order number into the Find My Order page and it will give you your own download links for all four episodes.
  • Hi...

    @ Jake: I lost all my old emails. That's why i got all this probs :(

    @ Mel : I already send a note to the support, but no mail at this time :confused: And spam ? No way, i don't have a spam filter running!!

    Hope i can play this weekend...

    Thx, anyway...
  • Hmmm....

    I still need help.... :(
  • Your mail server must be blocking our mails (maybe before they even reach you and can go into the spam folder), because I responded to your support email last night.

    I'll PM you with the email I sent you last night. If you have another email address we could put on your order instead, maybe we'd have more luck with that.
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