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Tales of Monkey Island v. Original 4 [Inevitable Spoilers]

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Now that all of Tales has been released, what's your (initial) reaction to the series as a whole? If you had to compare it with the other four.

Personally, I can't make up my mind if I like LCR better or TMI better. I think I like those two better than CMI. After that is SMI, and a big drop off to EMI. (But I still really, really like EMI and think it is severely underrated.)
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  • 1.CMI

    Sorry guys, not that much of a fan of LCR :p Well, not as much as everybody else here, it seems. Still love it to death, don't worry!
  • Tales is my fav monkey island ever!!! It has more emotional development then the others

  • Right now I would say
    TMI - CMI
  • I refrained from giving an opinion about TOMI games up until now because I think that the whole picture is important. for example, I love LCR, but if i had to judge just the first chapter of that game as a game of it's own i won't give it such a high score, but as a whole that game was the best. As for TOMI, as a whole, i found it a bit disappointing. Keep in mind that this is all fresh in our heads still. EMI also got praised and hailed when it just came out, only in retrospect people viewed it as bad, and I personally believe that TOMI will suffer the same fate 10 years from now. Personal opinion. I did enjoy the waiting and the theories and conversations in these forums, tho, and it made the game feel more immersive to me. That is all.

    my list is
  • PariahKing;238287 said:
    I think if some of the more...notorious...LCR puzzles were instead placed first in TMI...I would complain about how stupidly hard they were. I like a challenge, but plain illogical sucks. The whole bit with the library was cruel.
    I 100% agree.
  • I only have one thing to say...

    More please.


    Plus my countdown ^^

    1. LeChuck's Revenge
    2. Curse of Monkey Island
    3. Tales of Monkey Island
    4. Secret of Monkey Island
    5. Escape from Monkey Island

    I really did enjoy most of TOMI more than SMI and I had it on the Amiga but I wish they avoided the map/forest parts.
  • My order of preference is:

    1. Secret, It was the first game I played on the first computer that was my own and it captured my imagination as a kid, so it holds a special place
    2. Revenge, a very good game with an intricate storyline, very much like Secret, but extended with a more immersive "world"
    3. Tales, This was a very good series, sticking to classic monkey island roots with a combination of simple puzzles and a few real tough ones and witty dialogue to go along with it. At the same time a few new types of puzzles thrown in for good measure :)
    4. Curse, I never really got into curse. The artwork was quite nice but it took the "zanyness" of the characters to an extreme at times which spoiled it a little bit for me.
    5. Escape, Never could get into that game to be honest. Played it from beginning to end, but it didn't really do anything to enhance the Monkey Island experience for me.

    Overall I think that Secret and Revenge are realistically joint first. Tales is very close though and I'll probably play all the episodes back-to-back this weekend.
  • For me, ToMI is the best in the series, hands down. I think it took the best from SMI/MI2 duo and CMI/EMI duo, added some things of it's own, and in the end a hell of a cocktail. ToMI has all these great character developments (which I just love, and which, frankly, SMI/MI2 almost miss and CMI/EMI just miss), story twists and story progression (really, all other four games were kinda pretty much calm with a fast big bam boom in the end which led to some excuses for an ending... which reminds me...) and FOR ONCE AN ENDING THAT DOESN'T DISSAPOINT. Yeah, it doesn't, really. As a whole.

    Anyway, there ARE things I don't really like in ToMI. There are. But I still think it's the best MI game at the moment.
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    bai_ganyo BANNED
    I wouldn't be sure 3 and 4 are to be considered "original".
    To anyone, who complains about things not being explained/not making sence - have you played Lechuck's revenge recently? Do you remember the ending by chance? Also where MI 3 started and how Big Whoop is explained in the end?
    I don't find it too irritating, that there is no "ha-ha this is actually Monkey Island you are standing on"-part in ToMI, like in the end of MI2 and 3.
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