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You know that feeling after watching Pirates of the Carribean 2? (Spoilers, mates)

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Yeah, my exact feeling while playing this Chapter. That in, a ton of plot thingies, not really twists, just THINGIES, tossed in ALL at once in a great big heap, every single character going on with something and that unsatisfying end where everyone doesn't know what the heck has been going on and Jack gets eaten by a giant Japanese fetish!

The puzzles which I could see being oh so tricky, and some turns out to be just clicking something double ('Oh no Franklin buried the spell! How will I ever - omg I just had to click him again. Wut?). I mean, just with the whole ghost and physical body thing could have given an awesomely tricky puzzle situation, but everything was so SCRIPTED that in the end I knew exactly when I was in a situation to click something, because it's usually LITERALLY HANGING THERE. With NO obstacles. JUST THERE.

Mainly, I have just this main gripe - What the heck WAS Elaine's masterplan that may or may not have included the Voodoo Lady because halfway through I just got lost what the heck was the motivation for EVERYONE in this situation. Except Guybrush, he's pretty much straightforward, like Will Turner in all the ruckus, except not attempting to do the double-deal like Will Turner thank GAWD.

For one thing, the part with Guybrush returning. I get to only use ONE dialogue option and then THE END? (And I know about the scene after the credits, that just rounds off, not particularly satisfyingly, but well enough). Seriously, no Elaine, no, I don't believe in that masterplan. BECAUSE IT'S BLOODY HELL RANDOM! She spends over half the gametime being controlled, how the heck could she have been in ANY way in control of some masterplan or whatever throughout this whole bleeding time. Also, yeah, the whole POINT was to pull Guybrush out of some ill-defined concept of fate - yet the entire thing was hinged on GB's ability to overcome any obstacle that pertains to LeChuck, which would fail if they actually succeed, so the entire plan hinges on the very...quirk of fate...they *froths*

Just the opening, I don't even know what the whole thing was. Was she WAITING for GB finally to bust through? Was she really broken? What made her think submitting to the demon bride treatment mean she had a guarantee that she would be able to be completely in control at the right time at the right moment at to...*froths*

I mean in Monkey Island 1. She DIDN'T trust GB, that's why the monkeys-in-a-dress comes in. Elaine with a masterplan and GB to the rescue. Two mutually exclusive things people!


GB should've really...questioned more...he seemed to be doing that a lot more till that point. After the rather traumatic opening, seriously, he HAS a right to ask a couple of things.

I was SO banking on the Voodoo Lady having switched bodies with Elaine so she could use her voodoo magic at the opportune moment. Cos hiding in plain sight, you know, the most obvious thing...

Maybe the Finale chapter should've been really two chapters or something, give more times to flesh out a lot of things, give more meat to the puzzles - have an ending that doesn't end with a whimper (scene after the credits only really helps a tiny bit).
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