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  • I absolutely loved the Banang keg. It's a shame Guybrush didn't bellow a game-universe-breaking "Banaaaaaang!", followed by Sam running in and throwing the keg to the ground in fury, though. :p
  • I expected a much more blatant reference that actually contained an image of Sam and/or Max, not just a passing reference to an item in the game.
  • Sorry for being dumb, but could someone explain the reference to me? I did see the keg, but by the sounds of it I totally don't get the joke...
  • etherbot;239750 said:
    :p. yes!
  • I could swear I saw Jake post a comment in this topic, cause I was about to reply to it. I feel like I just either lost my mind for a second or warped into a strange alternate universe where Telltale crew don't post in Banang topics.

    Or I read this forum too much.
  • I was CONVINCED it was going to be part of a puzzle. I kept trying to put it in the tip jar to attract fireflies with to shove it in the treasure chest that I couldn't open when I was a ghost and couldn't see inside 'cause it was too dark.
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