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HELP CSI 3 Game running extremely slow

posted by xkatx21x on - last edited - Viewed by 567 users
Hi can anyone help me, Just recieved this game for my b'day I have all the others and they run fine but this one is running extremely slow.

It works fine for the first 10-20 mins then gets slower and slower.
It took half an hour to process 1 piece of evidence as it just stops.
I have to keep closing the game or even restarting my computer.
I have changed the graphics to run on the low setting and closed all other programs running including those running in the background, but this still doesn't seem to help.

I am running windows xp
ATI radeon xpress 1100 graphics
Mobile AMD sempron (not sure if this is right)
This is a laptop i fthat makes a differance

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  • The video card might be the culprit. Laptop video can't always handle 3D as well as the desktop counterparts.

    Could you try updating your video drivers to the most recent version?
  • Hi the driver is the latest as this the laptop is only 2 months old i checked out the website just be sure but no updates available.

    "ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 series chipset integrates high performance graphics into AMD notebook platforms, delivering stable and reliable visual power for business and communications applications, demanding 3D games, and Windows Vista™ operating system. "

    This is the quote from the website so i presume it is more than capable.

    I tried again to play, it was playing fine for around 20 mins again. then it just closed down the program on its own.

    :( Any more suggestion?

    Thanks :p
  • How much memory does your system have? As with a lot of laptop video cards, video memory may shared with the system memory, so it may be that you're running into a problem there.

    Also, have you played other 3d games before on this computer?
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