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Problems with Ep2-4

posted by kenohki2 on - last edited - Viewed by 500 users
Ok I have thought about this and hear is what I have come to:

So far most of the problems appear to occur with AMD/Nvidia combinations.
A few have reported problems with x64 base systems and operating systems.
Reports of a memory leak.

So what's my point with this.....

It seems like the plain Intel x86 arch ,ATI chipsets and XP 32 bit are not affected by these problems. (Yes I know there are fixes for Vista for 32 bit)
If you write code for a specific arch type (eg. x86) then you optimize it for usability. But at the same time you loose compatibility with all other types (x64).

This type of build causes many problem such as memory leaks.

I may not be an expert in programing, but this screams of the stuff we went through with the Intel (PI, PII...), AMD (K5-k6), IBM (Cyrix....) processor issues from years ago.

This is just an idea. What do you all think.
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