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  • Well done! Pretty much what I had been thinking myself, nice to see it all written out like this :)
  • Some good thoughts - especially the last two (I was also wondering if Morgan got the blade from the Voodoo Lady).

    Elaine is smart but I don't think she has forseen the events that well. Partly, she probably just relied on gut feeling - ie she was sure Guybrush would need the ring, but probably didn't know the details.

    I'm not buying into the Voodoo Lady controls everything theory. It's a too simple explanation and as she says herself she's just a pawn in a much bigger game. She certainly meddles with fate, but I believe she has in fact good intentions and there's more at stake as we can see. However, her owning LeChuck in a jar makes me think she has her very own agenda as well. I'm quite convinced she neither wants to resurrect him nor dispose of him but rather needs him for something else - which may be revealed in season 2.
  • Well done! There is no way I could have put that all together in one coherent body like that.
    My only problem with it is the Voodoo Lady's plan to eventually bring back LeChuck. Since he knows that she has been using him, she can no longer use him. Thus she helps defeat him and takes his essence for safe keeping along with Guybrushes hand since it has some of LeChuck's voodoo in it. In the process of doing all this she also gets Morgan to fill LeChuck's role as hinted at in the whole Ghost Pirate Hunter Morgan LeFlay.
    But that's mostly just my opinion.
    Again well done!!!
  • Following this route, the Big Whoop in MI2 was just another trap to keep Guybrush and LeChuck fighting forever?

    Seriously, we already got the mystery behind MI2 ending, why adding other mayhem to the mayhem?

    The things ATMachine wrote could've been explained at the end of Rise of the Pirate God. THAT would have made Rise REALLY shine.
    As it is, I can't get Telltale's strategy on the final (?) episode.
  • I agree with this, especially the role of the Voodoo Lady. I think it makes much more sense, but you've left one part out, and that is how much hatred LeChuck feels towards her.

    He's tired of being led around, and let's face it, he's gotten the hardest and worst end of the deal. He's become an evil foul sadistic monster all because of her meddling, and he has every right to be angry.
  • LeChuck has a goal you know. He doesn't want to fight with Guybrush and spend his valuable time. He wants to marry Elaine and that's it. Being in a cycle makes his goal impossible for him to complete.
  • pluizig;240936 said:
    Wait, what? When does this happen?
    Its laying on her desk/table in the post-credits scene, its only visible briefly.
  • Thanks so much for this, it helped me understand a lot. Especially on the subject of what Elaine had been planning to do throughout the whole game.
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