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  • I had the same choices (apart from the Gryff one) and it said I fought with fierce passion.

  • My 1st playthrough no whitehills died- my most recent however- Ludd fell to my blade.

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    No, A Whitehill should be dead in your game no matter what, either Ludd or Gryff, you did kill Gryff didn't you?

  • No, it was Gryff, you did kill him

    My 1st playthrough no whitehills died- my most recent however- Ludd fell to my blade.

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    At what point was there a chance to kill Ludd? It escapes me at the moment...

    Side note, I thought someone would step in and save Mira from the axe but then I remember, its GOT

  • I had chosen Rodrik. The choices were as follows:
    1. I lied about Sera to stay in Margaery's service (Sera deserved it for trying to take my place.)
    2. Refused to marry Morgryn (That sick creep didn't deserve Ironrath or Ironwood. I'm glad Mira died to keep it out of his hands.)
    3. Poisoned Cotter (It didn't seem right to do anything else after all he did for me.)
    4. Killed Ludd (I thought that if I killed Ludd, the Whitehills would fall with no one to lead them but nope, Gryff took care of that problem real quick.)
    5. Marched South (The North Grove didn't prove vital to House Forrester at all, and I didn't even do the blood sacrifice with Cotter so, The North Grove would've been the death of House Forrester. The final nail in the coffin.)
    Overall Opinion: This episode was great overall. Did it live up to the hype? Yes. I didn't expect much from Mira and I didn't get much either. They messed up her story once Sera became a character. Gared's story was pretty good, though they didn't explain much of anything as to why The North Grove was so important, which is why I marched South. Rodrik's story was fantastic. I got excited every time they switched back to his story, it felt realistic with Beshka's somber attitude and the pit fighters causing trouble, though I was able to convince them to fight for me. I don't understand how Beshka managed to save Ryon, though. Rodrik vs. Harys, along with Lady Forrester's death, was very well done. It was also interesting seeing my Sentinel Duncan along wit Talia save Rodrik in the end. Great episode. 8.5/10

  • Had Asher alive, told truth to Margaery, refused to marry Morgryn, poisoned Cotter, betrayed Gwen and ambushed Whitehills, killed Gryff, went to the south from North Grove. Fought with cunning and strategy.

  • Episode six < Getting flayed

  • (i chose save asher)
    -accept marry gwyn
    -lie to margaery
    -marry morgryn
    -kill gryff
    -save the small folk
    -stay in the north grove
    and in the end i was saved by gwyn and talia (gwyn saved me bc i accept marry her)

  • Saved Asher. Prepared an ambush for Ludd. Was honest about letting Sera help me. Poisoned Cotter. Defended the gate. Left the North Grove. Refused to marry that highborn scum.

  • Chose Asher. Had Mira marry Morgryn. Defended Sera. Took Cotter's heart (I'm sorry Sylvi). North Grove army marching South. Asher agreed to marrying Gwyn.

  • Yeah two Whitehills have to die. Ludd or Gryff and Harys(My other names are F--kles, Chucklef--ker,Dragonbitch and Dovahc--t).

    AronDracula posted: »

    No, it was Gryff, you did kill him

  • I agree but what do you mean "When Sera became a character?"

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    I had chosen Rodrik. The choices were as follows: 1. I lied about Sera to stay in Margaery's service (Sera deserved it for trying

  • I could've worded that better, but when I said that I meant that they messed up Mira's story once Sera became an integral part of it. In every preview and episode for Mira, there was Sera this, Sera that. It became annoying that all they focused on through all the episodes in Mira's part of the story was her relationship with Sera, besides a few tiny moments in each episode. It was really annoying.

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    I agree but what do you mean "When Sera became a character?"

  • If you play as Rodrik then choose to follow him in the camp.

    If you chose Asher you have to choose to poison Ludd and then stick with that choice (Elissa gets poisoned too)

  • Why didn't you like it?

    I mean Harys the Legend died and Mira's bit was pretty crap but apart from that it was fun.

    Episode six < Getting flayed

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    • Told Margaery the Truth.
    • Refused to Marry Morgryn.
    • Gave Cotter a merciful death.
    • Killed Ludd (as Rodrik).
    • Marched South.
    • Lied to Margaery about Sera, seemed like she would throw me under the bus and I told Cersei I didn't mind lying to her anyway to save my family
    • Married Morgryn because he has a cute accent, not to mention Tom killed the guard so it really wasn't my fault anyway, and I didn't want another Forrester dead
    • I wasn't too bothered about Cotter so I ripped his heart out, his sister did my head in
    • I decided to keep Asher and was going to poison Ludd but decided to call it off so Gwyen didnt stab me in the back
    • Marched South because family comes first
    • Chose to protect the small keep
    • Fought with cunning and strategy
  • Is there any way to kill Ludd with Asher?

  • Choose the poison thing. But it won't be pretty to see.

  • I believe she was imprisoned and Gryf will try to marry her. If he's alive, anyway.
    But if you send her away it seriously just seems rude even tough it's war. Because the other option is '' Of course you can stay, this is your home now '' kiss....
    Better than '' You don't belong here ''

    MrEggplant posted: »

    I think that she was just imprisoned to be Torrhen Whitehill wife

  • Yeah, true. I kind of just bit my lip so to speak, and I just hope to see her overcome it in season two. I don't know how much it will feature the Forresters though (just assuming there is a Season 2 coming). Tough decision.

    DinoDrago posted: »

    I'm still trying to decide on my choices. I think I'd save Asher, but I'm not sure which is the better fate for Mira. I don't want her to die, but Morgryn is not a good guy

    • I sacrificed Rodrik to save Asher because he was the one the pit fighters listened to and therefore had the best chance to win the battle.

    • I chose to ambush the Whitehill's in Ironrath's Hall, killed Gryff and got stabbed in the back by Gwynn.

    • I chose to sacrifice the small hold people to try to save the gate. (fail)

    • I told the truth to Margeary and protected Sera. (because I'm a good friend)

    • I told Morgryn to go screw himself and sacrificed Mira to save Tom. (see above)

    • I sacrificed Cotter to fuel Whatshername's blood magic because I didn't see the point in his death being wasted and marched south with the North Grove zombie army.

    • In the end, pretty much everyone shit on the Forresters in their epilogue speeches. Only Sera stayed true and the Mother of Dragon's lady grudgingly admitted that Asher earned her respect.

    • I and 29.7% (or thereabouts) fought with Cunning Strategy.

    I posted this opinion in another thread, but I'd just like to reiterate it here in compact form. WHAT THE $@^ IS THE POINT IF EVERY $&#^ING OUTCOME LEADS TO FAILURE?! THIS IS NOT THE KOBIYASHI MERU, PEOPLE! VICTORY, SEASON TWO, NOW!

    ahem We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

    In my opinion, GOT choices and decisions are the hardest and have the strongest impact out of the others Telltale games. Each words u choose can be very crucial in the future or maybe in the next season. Mira was one my favorite character and from the looks of it, her role doesn't seems to play a big part by helping House Forrester. But if u think deeply, don't u think playing Mira was rather more stress than the others? At least thats what I think. It seems to me that Telltale is trying to make her role doesn't seems too much of a impact but this is Telltale, u never know what surprises they could give. Kenny from TWD is a good example.

    Here are my choices and decisions,

    *Saved Asher (Hard to explain why)
    *Told the truth to Margeary (Sera is a bastard and all she ever wanted was to find a good husband and married off, why make it difficult for her? She did help Mira, she don't meant to "betray" Mira though, I can understand)
    *Refused to married that mother fucker, Morgryn and gets beheaded (ok, this is definitely the harderst choice I ever choose. Tom have helped me ALOT and as u know I do not like betraying but at the same time I REALLY do not want Mira to die off just like that. But I am a fool, I talk loyalty to friends. I just couldn't bring myself to let Tom die in my place, furthermore we don't know who Tom "alliances" are, it could be an army or peoples who knows magic or powerful influences. If I betray Tom, and marry to that mother fucker, I might not only need to face my fate as a slave but Tom's "alliances". They might come for revenge, u never know. If I die without betraying, I hope it will be a different story. Tom can help House Forrester, maybe because he thinks he owe Mira. But we can never know until season 2 come out. BUT I swear, if season 2 Mira is a playable character and did not die off easily as well and can help House Forrester, I will not hesitate to change my decisions in season 1 to let her marry to that scum. When she was about to get beheaded I was hoping someone step in the last minute but no, even until the she beheaded I still kept believing that wasn't her, please don't be her. "It must be a body of a guard, using magic or something to make it look like its her" Man I am mad for sure)
    *Use Cotter's heart for blood magic (Cotter was a good friend but i am sorry, he was dying anyway. Might as well be useful till death, sorry sylvi.)
    *Ambush the Whitehills killed Gryff in the process(Sorry Gwyn, as much as I love you, House Forrester comes first.)
    *Defend The Gate (Shit man, I thought if that works at least the whole army won't barge in but hell fuck I was wrong)
    *Mother Died (Sorry, mother I couldn't protect u)
    *Talia and traitor Royland found Asher (man, I really wanted Sentinal Duncan by my side, I should have killed Royland when I had the chance but I am too soft hearted to do so. Duncan had the brains to negotiate and I hate to fight unless it is necessary, Royland is too reckless, ambushing Whitehills is probably the most violent decision I made.)
    *Gared stayed to defend the North Grove (The armies of Whitehills are too many. The few zombies army are bound to fall if we were to go full force war. They can only do so much. I believe the North Grove has much more power than we can imagine, maybe in the future it may help House Forrester in a better way than to march south now.)

    Got Cunning Strategy in the end, Mira's story affects me the most and yeah I WILL change her fate depending how season 2 will work. Some of u are funny though, u fueled and power up the North Grove but u left it and marched south.. dehell? What if it falls into the wrong hand? The consequences are much worst it if happen.

  • Few Words to the Surviving Whitehill leader. Tenacious D- Karate.

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    Yeah, same here. I don't think anyone has much love for Morgryn, but I couldn't let Mira die for pride, with her family still relying on her.

    edit: Oops, replied to my own comment.. lol. Long time back.

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    Yeah, true. I kind of just bit my lip so to speak, and I just hope to see her overcome it in season two. I don't know how much it will feature the Forresters though (just assuming there is a Season 2 coming). Tough decision.

  • Saved Rodrik
    This was probably the toughest choice I had to make in the game. Let me clarify that I actually liked Asher more, the Asher I had was a brave loyal man but somewhat sarcastic and funny, while Rodrik was more serious and did not take any crap from anyone.
    The truth is neither of them had completed their plot at that point, but the story made more sense for Rodrik to live. After all he came close to death and has been dealing personally with Lud and Gryff, hes also the golden boy and was intended to take over the family after his father. With Asher it seems like he had completed his mission, and that is to gather fighters and bring them back home to save his family.

    Saved Ryon and killed Gryff
    This was another tough choice, but the way I see it is for house Forester to have any chance of survival, it needs male survivors. Asher and Eathon are dead, my thought at that point playing as Rodrik is that with his two other brothers dead and him being involved in the battle which he could die in. He needs to save his brother to ensure the survival of the house.
    Also he needed to act quick since Gryff was on his way to kill Ryon while Lud still had to battle the men back home, so there's always a small chance for them to survive until you make it back home with your men.
    Obviously you do lose the battle, but Rodrik does live despite being heavily wounded and Ryon is taken to safety by Beshka.

    Gared headed south
    I think this breaks Lord Gregor's promise, but Gared knows his house is in danger and need fighters. Besides, he brings home two of Gregor's children, it may cause some drama down the road, but for the moment they are needed.

    Gared gave Cotter the nightshade
    Gared is a good guy and Cotter was his friend, I get that the army was declining and needed blood magic, but the kind of personality Gared had, he was not going to put his friend through more misery in his last moments.

    Mira is executed
    My Mira was honorable and loyal to her family, she ended up declining the marriage proposal because the intentions of this marriage would have brought more danger to her house. Sadly i was not able to get much out of her in terms of help, but at least i was able to diffuse Andross, so not all is lost.


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    It in my opinion was fuck all. A resurrection stand would of been better.

  • Thanks for sharing your reasons as well. They make it much more interesting. And I see your points on each.

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    Saved Rodrik This was probably the toughest choice I had to make in the game. Let me clarify that I actually liked Asher more, t

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    Saved Rodrik

    Easily one of the hardest choices in any TT game. Both are great characters, but I had to go with Rodrik because he had so many epic moments (such as standing up to Gryff) and overall never bowed down to anyone. He just had to be the one who'd lead his house to victory. Plus I couldn't give Gryff the satisfaction of killing Rodrik after I defied/maimed him.

    Lied to Margaery about Sera

    I really did not like Sera and honestly got bored of Mira's story, so at the ended my relationship with her by stabbing her in the back. After seeing the post-game choices scene where Margaery berated every little choice I made (oh and also when Sera threw fruit at me), I feel like I made the wrong decision. If I had to redo one choice, it'd probably be this one.

    Refused Morgryn and died

    I didn't want that prick to have my house so I refused. Also I couldn't let poor Tom die.

    Gave Cotter poison

    I couldn't just use Cotter like that after all he's done for me, so I gave him a peaceful death.

    Followed Gryff

    Didn't want to risk Ryon getting killed. Also that part when Gryff starts crying is probably the funniest scene in the game.

    Marched south

    Wanted to do what I could to help House Forrester ASAP. Though now the North Grove is unguarded which is pretty bad. Again this is probably another choice I'd redo if I could.

  • Saved Asher
    It's just something I would do being an older brother myself. At least Rodrik went down fighting unlike Brandon (Ned's brother) and Robb.

    Defended Sera
    I protected Sera at every opportunity, kept her secret and let her live happily ever after with Tarwick. I'd be no better than the two-legged rats that infest King's Landing if I threw her under the bus.

    **Rejected Morgryn **
    Certainly not going to give the Forresters more problems when and if Season 2 comes around. I'm certainly not going to turn Mira into another Sansa.

    Gave Cotter the poison
    I owe Cotter for busting me out and he deserved a peaceful death.

    Poisoned Ludd
    The only way to take out Ludd even though it does make me sick to my stomach that Gryff would be the one to take Ironrath. On the plus side, a moron like Gryff would be in charge until Torrhen takes over the lordship.

    Marched South
    I suspect Gared and Gregor's bastards would march south either way so might as well take it. Would be nice if Gared meets another Stark on the way in Season 2.

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