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ToMI episode 5 Install problem

posted by yoothattack on - last edited - Viewed by 762 users
during installation, I receive an error that says

Error opening file for writing:
c:\Program File\Telltale games\Tales of monkey island\Rise of the pirate god\MonkeyIsland105.exe

after skipping this, the exe icon for the game will not function.
what do I do?!
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  • I'll need someone else to take a look at this thread, but he was out of the office yesterday and will be out again today. I'll see if I can get in contact with him though so you guys don't have to wait too long.
  • Thanks will. You da man
  • So, what's the latest with this "non-install" issue? Is there a fix on the way?
  • We are uploading a test solution now. Seg should be with you shortly.
  • Looking forward to it.....thanks!
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    For everyone having problems, I want you to uninstall what you currently have. Also make sure to check if the "Rise of the Pirate God" folder is in Program Files. If so, remove that too.

    Now download this installer. The game contents are exactly the same. The only change is the installer.

    Please install this and report on if things worked or didn't. Please in your reply, specifically state which operating system you're running, including 64 or 32 bit flavors.
  • I tried installing it. Once I completed the Installation, I clicked on the icon and received the same

    monkeyisland105.exe- Bad Image

    c:\windows\systems32\d3dx9_41.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error

    Im running windows vista and Im not sure how to figure out the 32 or 64 bit
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    Well, it looks like there's something fishy going on with your computer itself. The d3dx9_41.dll being broken is particularly troublesome. Let's try a few things and wipe out the previous install completely, then reinstall with a fresh plate:

    1) Uninstall Monkey Island completely.
    2) Make sure this folder doesn't exist. If so, delete it and all it's contents:

    C:\Program Files\Telltale Games\Tales of Monkey Island\Rise of the Pirate God\

    3) Delete this file specifically:


    4) Reboot your computer.
    5) Install the game again.
    6) Launch the game.
  • Hey Seg,

    The new installer worked for me. Some interesting points, however, just for your info:

    Prior to re-downloading the game with the new installer, and per your prompt, I checked to see if the ROTPG folder was in the Telltale folder, and it was. I opened it and found the MonkeyIsland105 application file, which I didn't see before (it was probably there and I just missed it, but who knows......). When I tried to run it from there, either as an administrator or not, I got an error message stating the app "failed to start because fmodex.dll was not found", etc.

    It then took me awhile to delete the app file as I kept getting a "Destination Folder Access Denied" message. I finally rebooted as the administrator, just like I always do, and then was able to delete the app and the ROTPG folder. Whatta pain!

    Anyway, I'm running Vista Home Premium 64. Hope all this info is of some use to you.

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