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Fishnet - glitch?

posted by DavidRheinstrom on - last edited - Viewed by 625 users
Hey everyone, I'm starting to think my game has a glitch...

I'm trying to acquire the Pyrite Parrots for shrinking the sponge, so I make them alight on the sign via digging, and then I want to use the net on the sign to catch them. But no matter where I try this, Guybrush always approaches the sign and makes the Pyrites scatter. I have tried it from several locations where I could still access the sign via point/click (you know how the location changes as you walk?) but no matter which way I click, the Pyrites scatter off. According to several walkthroughs I have checked on this, this is exactly what I should do, but I am getting no result. This is driving me insane, seriously, as I seem to be pretty darn close to the ending. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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