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My 2 CENTS about it all

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Here is my 2 cents about the series.
Having played ALL monkey island series there are stuff LOVED about TOMI and some stuff I didnt.

First the stuff that bothered me;

1- VIOLENCE!!! I don't remember seeing deaths, stabbing and such before the TOMI...
remember "puddles are not dead, just sleeping...?"
Although I got used to the idea of killing... at first it was a major disappointment and seemed as if it was killing the innocence of the original series

2- Sexual comments. I Believe TOMI 4 had more of those but the only example I could find in 5 was the fishnet quote. Again, it was absent in the previous MI games and kind a made me uncomfortable I dunno why... (Maybe I too have a crush on Elaine ?)

3- Gloomy atmosphere (not talking about the TOMI5). More sunny weather please..

Beside these, are just some limitations that existed because the time constraints and TOMI is 5 parts, 5 different games in reality(you cant totally re visit old places..).

The things I love;

1.TOMI brought back an adventure game phenomenon, I am sure it was a though decision to partner a game with a huge company as lucas which required painful financial planning, negotiations and such.

2. TOMI introduced new lovable characters, some more dimmer than others but again, it was a pleasure to interact with.
I personally believe MORGAN can have her own series...

3.TOMI tried to keep the old MI mojo and seeing old faces , was great!!

4. A little more politics and mystery worked great for the new MI game. TOMI was successful in implementing a complex scenario where all characters are not black or white.

Telltale games believed in us!!!! Ttg believed in MI fans to invest in a project where others may have thought continuing the franchise was a waste of time and money.
TTG took a risk and I hope they succeeded.

For me MI is my adventurist side. MI series had;
A goofy character that I can relate to, wonderful places with scenery that I would love to visit.
Adventures that weren't really hurting any one and which were really fun!

And Elaine...uhm..

I don't know if TTG is planning to continue TMI or planning something else (Like MORGANS own adventure...) I want to point out that next MI could have community project parts which I am sure MI fans would LOVE to contribute in.
This could save TTG some time, money and I believe MI fans would love to see their own code, image, quote or character in the game.
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  • Actually its rated E+10, and if I remember correctly, they were shooting for E+10 or T.

    Though honestly I'm sure that they were just writing what they thought was best for the games.
  • :p ask a question but you already know the answer.

    Yeah, I agree I don't think the rating has any impact on the game itself.
  • Did I? Well the question was half joking anyways so...
  • Giant Tope;242400 said:
    ...What's the problem with sex?
    Well sex makes it complicating I guess.. I mean most of us like watching our mom and dad kissing as an act of love.. but we wouldnt like watching them having sex although it is natural.
  • Giant Tope;242400 said:
    ...What's the problem with sex?
    Seriously? If you have to ask...
  • What you consider negative, I consider positive. Strange.
  • The sexual humour was hardly overtly base or really noticeable.
    The darkness was great. Not gloomy...atmospheric! :)
  • whats a pirate game without violence?
  • justaguy;242317 said:
    Personally I didn't care for the final episode much. I felt like there was too much walking back and forth between rips without accomplishing much. Overall, a fun series though.
    The rips and the finale were really really annoying I wanted to rip my hair out about it. I loved the series up until the 2nd half of the final episode.

    Overall I loved the series though I'll say job well done. If TOMI is anything like Sam & Max season 1 to season 2 it can only get better.

    Please bring it back for a season 2! Hire more staff! Thanks TTG
  • Well there's also (I can't remember the exact quotes, so I'll just try to imitate them as best I can):

    "Sword-fighting is kind of like making love. Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do but what you say." -MI1

    "[observing the statue in Elaine's room] Some guys down there were talking about Governor Marley's bust... This must be it." -MI2

    [showing Murray's paste-filled skeleton arm to Murray]
    Murray: "What did you do to my arm?!"
    Guybrush: "Rubbed paste all over it."
    Murray: "You're a strange, sad little man."

    [showing Murray's paste-filled skeleton arm to Murray a second time]

    The games always had risqué jokes, though I did feel as if Tales had way too many. I mean it even had a "My Humps" reference! Also, there was that whole "step into my captain's quarters and let me ravish you silly" which wasn't even a double meaning, it was full-on blatant, hahaha.

    I've had lots of friends that played the old games when they were small and never noticed the risqué jokes because they were too young to even understand what they meant. So I don't think it matters all that much, but that's just me. It's kind of like when I watched Disney's version of "Hunchback of Notre Dame" when I was little, didn't notice anything, then grew up and watched it again and was all "... Frollo wants to do WHAT to Esmeralda??"
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