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'My Games'-list messed up

posted by Tjibbbe on - last edited - Viewed by 247 users
Hey there,

I recently got a free episode of Ice Station Santa through the Sam & Max 2010-website, which is nice, but I already own that episode. No real problem there, but now my list of games on the website is a bit messed up. Before I got my free extra episode all the episodes were neatly in order, but now it looks like this:

- Sam & Max Season 2 episode 1
- All the Monkey Island episodes in order
- All the Wallace & Gromit episodes in order
- Telltale Texas Hold Em and both Bone episodes
- All the Strong Bad episodes in order
- Sam & Max Season 2 episode 2, 3, 4, 5
- All the Sam & Max Season 1 episodes in order

Just a minor complaint really, but it would be nice if I could get Ice Station Santa back with the other Season 2-episodes. I remember there were plans to remake the entire games-list on the website, so you could order it by series or release date or whatever. Obviously that didn't happen in the end, but I think that might be something to reconsider. Especially now that the list keeps getting longer and longer - in a while the new Sam & Max episodes are going to be on there as well, and it might be nice if there was some way to bring some order to this wonderful mountain of greatness.
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