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Beautiful looking 3D video games

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Dave Grossman's said that he's a big advocate of 3D. I like 3D, though I also love the timeless look of good 2D art. Turns out that 3D art can also look pretty timeless.

So list anything you think applies.

This isn't 3D; it's a blend of both. It's a game called The Book of Unwritten Tales, and it looks effing gorgeous. It's beautifully animated too.


Gameplay clip (German).
Official site.

I also really like how everything looks in the Sam and Max Season Two trailer. I'm looking forward to the day the technology, download rates, etc allow us to be close to that.

Maybe someday Telltale can develop some sort of way to just have you download textures, sound, etc that can look that detailed and beautiful, like Steam. I don't fully understand the idea (user elTee was the one who suggested it), but I like it.

Anyways, what 3D games look beautiful? And remember...

"Realistic" does not automatically mean beautiful. I'm looking at you, every other FPS game.
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