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References to other games in Ch. 5

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Some people mentioned Loom which I am going to have to agree with 100 percent. The holes in between the two realms are definitely inspired by that game.

Also, the dog with the paper- puzzle almost directly from MI2.

Obviously the swordfighting.

Anything else?
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    haydenwce27;243076 said:
    I wonder if he has any other objects from previous adventures stashed away in his pants.
    You sick, sick boy.
  • When Elaine shoots the root beer at Guybrush he melts, exposing his skeleton, which then dissolves. This just like how LeChuck dies in MI and, I think, the only reason that Guybrush has a skeleton as a ghost.
  • haydenwce27;243086 said:
    Yes, that too. Is that the same one that he tore off the sign at the beginning of LeChuck's Revenge?
    Probably not the same Shovel, but taking the bone from the sign in Ep5. seems to be a refernce to that Sign with the shovel.
  • The tombstones remind me of Miller's grave on Blood Island. The finale's structure is also very similiar to the first Monkey Island's finale.
  • When LeChuck tries to open the Crossroads, isn't he using a stick veeery similar to the Monkey Head Key? ;)
  • Udvarnoky;243100 said:
    Portals in games, even Telltale games, are fairly common, but I can't be the only one who thinks that the way TMI handled them wasn't exactly like the end of Loom. LeChuck's awesome ship reminded me in design of the blacksmith's forgery after it is taken over by Chaos as well.

    Also, the whole notion of Elaine willingly becoming LeChuck's demon bride to lull him into a false sense of security, with Guybrush having to have enough trust in his true love to make the right call reminded me a lot of the movie Legend.
    I LOVE that they referenced LOOM! (As soon as I saw the portals I was giddy with excitement! Loom is awesome!)

    I wish Telltale would remake Loom as episode 1 of a 5 episode (or even 3 episode) game that would get Gilbert to tell the rest of the cool Loom Story!! i.e. episode 1 is original Loom, episode 2 is the Forge, episode 3 is the finale of Gilbert's story.

    (and they should look at some of the Deviant Artwork of Bobbin to get his Look right. I mean one shot I saw had him with sparkling eyes - it's beautiful!
  • TimesNineXiX;238331 said:
    Some people mentioned Loom which I am going to have to agree with 100 percent. The holes in between the two realms are definitely inspired by that game.
    The seagull was the most obvious reference to Loom, and was also there in MI1 and DOTT.
  • The grog machine is a reference of MI2 as well.
    And there are lots of references to previous games when Elaine describes their previous adventures. "He turned me into a bloody statue!"
  • the demon bride thing reminds me of "army of darkness" where evil ash gets ashs girl and she becomes a demon
  • BAAAAANAAAAANNNGGG I guess this is the result of telltale's last drunken Tuesday.
    EDIT: to anyone who doesn't know what this is a refernce too, please play Sam and Max season 2 episodes 3-up
    EDIT2:Telltale please incorporate this to ALL of your furture games.
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