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Hi, five days ago, I made this order (#). My intention was to go over $25 and get free shipping on S&M and W&G DVD's. The moment after I finished the order I realised that I hadn't included the S&M DVD in the order, just the downloadable episodes.
I got really sad, since I already have the european retail version of that season and bought it here also to get the collector's DVD. Can you please add the S&M DVD when you deliver the W&G DVD?
I'm a forever faithful costumer, having bought all your games except CSI and Bone episode 2. If you held me with this I will also become a forever grateful costumer.
I e-mailed you about this right after I finished the order, but didn't get a response.

Merry Christmas,

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  • Hi Josef,
    Looks like I didn't receive your mail at [email][/email]. Unfortunately, I can't add things to an existing order without messing it up. I'll pm you with another option.

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