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Monkey Island Treasure hunt help

posted by The Marvel on - last edited - Viewed by 416 users
I posted this issue in a few other topics, but decided to make a new thread in hopes of getting faster help.

back when the treasure hunting began, I had no problems. I could click on the idols and get my prizes, etc. But now, when I log in to the treasure hunting, I see only the first 5 idols. There are no arrows to scroll through to the other ones (and yes, they're all unlocked). When I click on any one of the 5 idols, it basically says the name of the idol (like VRUM for example) and instructions on how to play the treasure hunting game.

I've tried several different browsers and clearing out my cookies. Nothing has fixed it.

And I haven't changed anything between now and back when the game first came out. Can someone please help me? I'd like to use the last of those coupons before they expire. :(
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