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Can't figure out something in the Finale, even with walktrough :(

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I'm at that point where LeChuck pulls Guybrush under his ship. I see the keys, and I want to get them, but there's no cursor or a way to stop, as far as I can see. And after I'm on board again, I can't make LeChuck make me get under the ship again. What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to get the keys if you missed them the first time? I tried to slide down the sail from the crow's nest again, but the sail doesn't seem to be useable after the first time anymore.

I have a safegame from right before Guybrush gets keelhauled though.
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  • You can get pulled under the ship over and over again, but next time, before you get pulled under you should maybe talk to Elaine first.
  • That's what I tried, but LeChuck always just punches Guybrush up the crow's nest.
  • I guess you're right about my save game, it starts right when LeChuck comes up to Guybrush. :/
    For the life of my I can't figure out how to make him keel haul me a second time. From that spot he always punches me up the nest, from there I can only go down the rope, from there I land in front of the broken door again. No matter what I say to Elaine before, LeChuck just punches me up the crow's nest again. Is there something I'm missing?
  • Yes. Don't slide down, and wait for LeChuck on crow's nest instead.
  • Oooooooooh! Thank you people so much. I was going crazy here!
  • I am also so stuck, I checked the WT. I have spoken to Elaine to Kill LaChuck, I put the broken door on the barrel and asked her to light the canon. I try to step on the "seesaw", but only the words "broken door" show and he won't step on it before LaChuck jumps down.......over and over.. LOL. What am I doing wrong? I have been tossed, punched and thrown around the ship a million times! LOL

  • Thank you. That's was exactly what I had done...over and over (except tear the sail...that was only once.

    Anyway, right after I posted, it worked! Thank you very much. I have played all 5 episodes. Can't wait to get it all on disks to keep for playing again sometime. :)
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