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Big Whoop contradicts the crossroads? (spoilers from chapter 5)

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I absolutely loved the whole crossroads concept. But am I the only one who think that there is a little continuity problem with the Big Whoop story?

I'm referring to the final dialogue with Lechuck in CMI. In that HUGE dialogue (that I absolutely love) he tells finally to Guybrush what the treasure of BW is: a portal into Hell itself that gave him his voodoo powers and transformed himself into the living dead.

So if Big Whoop is the reason of why he became the GHOST PIRATE Lechuck how can the whole concept of TOMI chapter 5 of Lechuck being a regular dead that came back to the living world with a spell be correct? Does the spell come from Big Whoop itself?

Does anybody know how to fix this little continuity problem?:)
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  • GuruGuru214;243887 said:
    Oh, I fixed the hell out of it a few days ago.
    Hmmm, well there may be some stretching, but it works for me, in terms of encompassing the entire story. Hats off to you, Guru!
  • That's just perfect Guru! Thanks! Great explanation!
  • When he says portal to hell, I think it just means portal to the crossroads
  • I think that when LeChuck passed through the gates of Big Whoop, his body was actually killed, but not his spirit, which was allowed to remain in the land of the living with infinite voodoo power. When Guybrush zapped him with the voodoo root beer, his spirit was sent into the Crossroads, which is exactly what happened for Guybrush's spirit in chapter five. Then Largo and LeChuck's sorcerer sent LeChuck the voodoo spell to let him escape from the Croassroads. Once back in the land of the living, his spirit was reunited with his dead body with, I suppose, some kind of voodoo spell. I also believe that LeChuck's beard, which was essential to bring LeChuck back to life, as Largo and the Voodoo lady said in LCR, worked as sort of "Sacrifice" to open the Crossroads or "Last shred of life" to close them.
  • I thought the same a week ago about the Big Whoop thing, the theories offered are pretty sound in practice. I just wish Telltale had put that much effort into it to to make it more official. Its not fun when people outside the game have to explain plot inconsistencies :(
  • Couldn't LeChuck have gone to the crossroads after he died as a ghost? That's what Guybrush did.

    Hell, LeChuck's been dead multiple times.
  • While that does make sense, the problem with it is the whole beard thing. Guybrush had no problem getting back from the Crossroads without anyone's help on the land of the living side, using the same spell that LeChuck reportedly used to get back, but after LeChuck's ghost was zapped with root beer, he couldn't be brought back without a living piece of him. What this likely means is that he had been to the Crossroads before and escaped using the spell, but when he was returned via root beer, he was missing one or more of the spell components and had to wait for someone on the living side to bring him back by some other means that required a living piece of him.

    So I guess I'm not arguing that he's been to the Crossroads, I'm just saying that he had to have been there at least twice (or more if you count the last fight with Guybrush).
  • Besides he needs a sacrifice. He could have got that from someone the first time with some smart talk, but after being known as LeChuck (and filling the Crossroads with people he murderer) getting someone to do a sacrifice for him seems unlikely.
  • I think attempting to make a mere abstract term like "Hell" and the crossroads seem quite separate is futile, and illogical. "Hell" as LeChuck put it in CMI could be interpreted as hyperbole for the crossroads, besides why would you want to remain there, it's so bleak even for LeChuck.

    Secondly by linking MI locations like the chasm beneath Monkey Island to "Hell" is a matter of interpretation. It's very easy to assume that as LeChuck's "relative" HELL, but I don't think Hell has to be all fire and brimstone. And why should this HELL be something out of the BIBLE (which does not feature as the overriding religious belief in the games like Voodoo does). It's really relative to MI lore, not what most people assume HELL to be.

    So when LeChuck says in SOMI: "there's nothing like the hot winds of hell blowing in your face" (or something to that effect, it's really a gimmick, rather than the actual locale.
  • I don't recall the caverns under Monkey Island ever being referred to by a name until Herman Toothrot called them the "Caverns of Meat" in Escape. Calling them hell is just speculation, and Monkey Island does have an active volcano, so lava-filled caverns beneath it aren't much of a stretch.
    Ignatius;244922 said:
    Besides he needs a sacrifice. He could have got that from someone the first time with some smart talk, but after being known as LeChuck (and filling the Crossroads with people he murderer) getting someone to do a sacrifice for him seems unlikely.
    Right, that's what I meant. It's also possible that he was unable to improvise one or more of the other three components, but it's the least likely that any of his deceased minions were loyal enough to him to make a sacrifice or that anybody else could be convinced to do so.
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