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Thoughts, ideas, and storyline for 2nd Season TOMI

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There seems to be a running tangent in other threads, which has devolved inevitably into arguing over continuity issues, and minor questions about who is likely to reprise as secondary characters.

This thread is for suggestions on a future TOMI season. So grab those thinking caps (not the dunce hat) and present Telltale Games with your suggestions.
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  • As far as story goes, no idea. Things I would like to see are:

    Guybrush and Elaine have a kid.

    A return of Wally, I think the last I saw him (if I remember right) was in the carnival of the damned in MI3.

    And I missed seeing Herman Toothrott/H T Marley as well!

    As far as Big Whoop was concerned, I thought that was explained away in MI3 as the secret of big whoop was actually the ability to turn people into undead minions, being why the carnival was built on top of it, to attract the living and create the undead!...(it's been a while since I played the older games tho, so I may be wrong!)
  • Philbrush;246230 said:
    Guybrush and Elaine have a kid.
    I think that would actually make me vomit. Everywhere. Guybrush and Elaine don't have sex.
    Philbrush;246230 said:
    A return of Wally, I think the last I saw him (if I remember right) was in the carnival of the damned in MI3.
    Agreed, I'd love to see ol' Wally again
    Philbrush;246230 said:
    And I missed seeing Herman Toothrott/H T Marley as well!
    I think they'd have a hard time putting him in the game after EMI. Few people want to see THAT Herman.
  • Yay! More Wally!
    And more Winslow too!
  • Seconding (thirding?) the return of Wally. He's sort of adorable, and his character still doesn't feel fully explored. He also adapts well, so I could see him easy to integrate.

    EfMI introduced a lot of continuity snarls regarding Herman/H.T. While it could be interesting to see how Tales handles it, it could also bother a lot of people, since Escape is a rather polarizing game to say the least. And (iirc), when Morgan first met Guybrush and listed off a number of his accomplishments, she conspicuously omitted anything from EfMI. I just wonder about that.

    Introducing relatives/children of main characters is a gamble. I'm not terribly fond of the idea, and... I dunno, I just don't think a child could really fit into the MI world. It's not exactly kid-friendly.
    puzzlebox;246197 said:
    it would be great to have less "find this shopping list of items in the jungle"
    This, basically (although something like the original Feast was an inventive spin on that). However, like the transition from Sam and Max season one to season two, I think that the puzzle quality will improve in the future. TT has gotten a feel for what works best and what we like, so they can implement that from the start. I like puzzles where you have to feel out the answer, with the illogical logic that you just sort of expect in the world of MI.
  • I think TTG will bring back more old characters for season two, and I think they'll do it in a similar way to season one. It'll be two or three characters, but over the course of five chapters. Possibly Wally, the Cannibals, or the barbershop trio. I could see Largo making an appearance as a minor villain as well (similar to De Singe, DeCava, or McGillicutty).

    I know some of you won't like the return of these characters (I wouldn't necessarily like it either), but I'm just saying that I can see it happening anyway.
  • What I predict:

    Morgan will somehow be some major trouble, probably the Elaine - Morgan rivalry will be source to some funny twist and turns

    Something really unexpected will happen.

    There will again be tension between Elaine and Guybrush (Guybrush can be a bit dense at times)

    What I'd like to see:

    As much as I love LeChuck, I'd like him retired to keep the character fresh for the next sequel.

    I'd love to see someone like Largo to be the main villain.

    I loved how Telltale actually pushes characters across their boundaries (like Elaine becoming a demon bride, or killing Guybrush). Please continue to be ruthless to your characters. The more bizarre the better.

    Oh, yes - more Winslow please. And keep the good work with the side characters like WP, Krebbs, D'Oro.
  • Baron Samedi is the loa of 'making sure things stay in the ground and rot' so they dont become zombies. Wouldn't he be kind of annoyed of all the ghost/zombie/demon ressurecting that goes on in Monkey Island. He also has a tendancy to get fixated on humans that he likes, both men and women. Would be funny to see Morgan getting 'stalked' and bonding with Elaine over it. :D He's supposed to be a pretty wild character, chain smoking, bad mouthed and stylish.

    I think it would be awesome to play as Elaine or even do a Broken Sword 2 style schtick where you have to swap from one character to the other to solve a particular puzzle. Elaine definatly needs some fleshing out. We even know who Morgan's first love was and what her pet was called. Does even Guybrush know that about Elaine? ;)
  • A different storyline WITHOUT LeChuck would be nice, for once. No other medium keeps the main villain and essentially the whole storyline for every sequel... and it's getting really boring.

    Then, I'd like the game engine to run a bit more smoothly, and a more open game world, if possible. And also, season one was missing a bit of the atmosphere that made especially MI2 so great (think of the three main islands, for example) but that'd pretty much gotten lost with MI 3 & 4, so I don't blame it on TTG. Still, getting that back would be amazing.
  • Ok, I',m just going to throw things in from the top of my head:

    - More Murray!
    - More silliness like the 'pirate I was ment to be' song, more songs please! Interwoven with the serious stuff it creates a nice dynamic atmosphere.
    - More pranks, interaction with things that do funny stuff like slapping a floor board, coming up on the other sideof the wall and the character standing there gets wacked and can't see who does it or something like that.
    - More monkeying around, more monkeys, more monkey islands! Maybe monkey island has sunk to the bottom of the ocean, maybe it is infested with voodoo magic and all sorts of magical items pops up, uncovering more secret, more ancient stuff buried in there for us to explore.
    - I've seen flotsam island a little bit as monkey island. Getting there and escaping it was just as hard.
    - More chapters!
    - More difficult logic puzzles
    - More comments and clickable items.

    That's it for now :)
  • After seeing the mind scarring fanart thread I think you should have the Voodoo Lady turn Guybrush into a woman...Galbrush? Hilarity would ensue.
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