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Not able to combine items. Glitch?

posted by DJMiles on - last edited - Viewed by 378 users
HEY GUYS, i need to combine the eye of the manatee and the monocular to get the bugeyed face from the captain. Im stuck here because the game wont let me combine items. what do i do? am i missing somthing here? Is this a glitch?

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  • try saveing and loading or load an old save
  • I would say save now on a different slot, quit, load that save and see if that sorts it. If not, try reloading an older save. Can you combine other items? I think Murray can combine with the maggot (someone else may be able to confirm that). Also, have you exhausted all dialog options with decava? Has he given you the mug? It could be that you are trying to do it too early.
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