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On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers

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So, while I am waiting for my copy of this book to arrive (move faster, Amazon) , I was wondering how many people have read this, the original inspiration of Monkey Island according to Ron Gilbert (and also mentioned as an inspiration for the upcoming Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island)...

Have you read it? Did you enjoy it?
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  • I got it off - awesome website- for like $3.00 and shipping. I haven't read it yet, bought a few weeks ago when I heard it inspired Monkey Island.
  • I ordered mine as soon as Ron wrote about it on his grumpygamer blog. Really good book and dark! Can definitely see some comparrisons between the Monkey island games and the book.
  • exciting! I will definitely try to find this!

    Any one got any more good piratey-book recommendations to pass the time until Chapter 2? Apart from Treasure Island, I haven't read much pirate-fiction.
  • I am currently reading Micheal Crichton's posthumous novel Pirate Latitudes... Reading it makes me sad that he has passed away and will not be giving us anymore fantastic books.. the guy was a brilliantly entertaining author.

    So far its great...
    the novel has a trailer LOL

    Oh and I read that Speilberg has bought the rights for a film adaptation... should be good.
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    What's Pirate Latitudes about? Apart from pirates. And latitudes.

    Also: the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be called On Stranger Tides and follow the basic plot of the book, which was expected after the way At World's End ended. I'm interested in seeing a movie adaptation of my favorite book, but I'm not quite so excited about seeing the characters replaced with characters from the PotC franchise.
  • Its about a Privateer Captain planning and executing raid on a Spanish stronghold rumored to have in its bay a Spanish treasure galleon holding a treasure of unimaginable wealth...

    I am still reading the beginning so he is just now trying to get a crew together...
  • I always forget to get my hands on a copy and now I REALLY NEED to

    because Disney bought the rights to the book.

    I don't read a lot of pirate fiction. I do own like over ten historical books on the subject though.
  • I've been wanting to read it. I can't find it in bookstores, but I'm still checking second hand bookshops whenever I can...
  • I was very, very disappointed in Pirate Latitutdes.

    I'm relatively certain it was still in the first or possibly second draft. Threads are set up that never go anywhere, and characters are introduced who seem to be important but aren't.

    The whole thing just reads unfinished and flat.

    After reading Pirate Latitudes, I wanted to wash the taste out of my mouth, so I finally broke down and ordered Flint and Silver off of Amazon. (By John Drake).

    Treasure Island is a particular favorite of mine - I make it a point to reread it every year.

    I've read just about every prequel and sequel to Treasure Island written...(with the exception of Porto Bello Good, which I've yet to get to).

    I held off on picking up Flint and Silver for a year or so...every review that I'd read mentioned that it was a very adult novel (for both violence and adult themes), and I wasn't confident that it would mesh with the original novel.

    After Pirate Latitudes, I knew I needed something I ordered it.

    I never should have waited.

    For the first time, I feel that a worthy addition to Treasure Island has been written. I've enjoyed most of the other prequels and sequels, and filed them away as "alternate universe" stories, but never really part of the official canon.

    Flint and Silver *feels* like Robert Louis Stevenson to me, even if the novel is MUCH more adult than Treasure Island was.

    Some adaptations or additions try so hard to imitate the characters, that it's obvious that they're aping. The words coming out of Long Johns mouth in this novel FEEL like Long John.

    (It also has the benefit of being the first in a trilogy of prequels!)

    Even so, I've been reading this novel slowly...I want to savor every page.

    So...sorry for the threadjack...but for those looking for additional GOOD pirate literature, you can't go wrong with either On Stranger Tides or Flint and Silver. If it were me, I'd leave Pirate Latitudes on the shelf.

  • i need to get a copy of that book, maybe i can hint to my family to buy me it for my 25th birthday next month (i know im an old git lol)
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