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Clarification on expiration dates and ineligible items for coupons and store credit

posted by Wapcaplet on - last edited - Viewed by 552 users
I just noticed in the latest issue of the Interloper that most coupons will expire on December 31. I wanted to clarify which coupons and store credit expire at what times, and if there are new inapplicability rules like #2 below:

1) Coupons from the TOMI treasure hunt expire on December 31.

2) The free game coupon received from preordering TOMI will expire sometime in June 2010, but according to the Interloper, there is a new restriction that it cannot be used on any future series.

3) Store credit from the 5th Anniversary promotion: no expiration date was ever confirmed (see this thread). When does it expire?

4) The free game coupon received from Talk Like a Pirate Day never expires, according to this thread. Is this coupon still valid toward future series, or is it subject to the same restriction in #2?

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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Yeah, I'll try to clear the coupon stuff up a bit better.

    Treasure Hunting, 5th Anniversary, and Talk Like a Pirate Day coupons will expire at the end of the year. Sorry that it was stated otherwise in regards to the TLAPD free episode coupon a few months back! I'm planning to update that thread soon to make sure folks are aware. So... 1.) Yep; 2.) Correct; 3.) At the end of the year; and 4.) They'll expire at the end of 2009.
  • I put in my Coupon codes, but no effects in my shopping cart :(
  • I'm having a similar problem. While the 50% off a season or an episode coupons work just fine, the $5 off anything of $8.50 or more coupons do nothing (not even give a "Sorry, that coupon code is invalid or can't be used for this order!" notice).
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    We're looking into this now. Thanks for your patience!
  • I figured out the $5 off issue; they're overridden by the 10% discount. Is that intentional to avoid stacking?
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Yeah, some coupons don't stack; I think in those cases the store will go with whichever is the highest discount.
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    Hmm, running into an odd coupon problem. Got an email today, and it stated that it was good toward 10 dollars off any of the listed downloadable seasons (W&G, S&M 1 and 2, and Strongbad). When I try to use it on Wallace and Grommit, it does nothing. It's listed as one of the games that the coupon is good for, so I'm guessing it's not a stacking problem. Any ideas?
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    The coupon applies to SB and Sam & Max. Wallace & Gromit is already set to $19.95 so it won't be affected. Sorry for the confusion!
  • If I've not done the treasure hunting yet, will I still be able to get the coupon next year? Or will the prize be changed/removed?
  • The prizes seem to be broken right now. For example, even though the 50% off a full season doesn't expire until the 31s it has been changed to only $1 off the complete order... it is effectively useless compared to what the prize was before. There hasn't been any official acknowledgment about this change that I know of yet. Since I procrastinated until yesterday to do my Telltale Christmas shopping I may have to break down and pay full price... ack... the world might end ;)
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