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I really hate Elaine in the ending sequence (SPOILER)

posted by Bloody Eugene on - last edited - Viewed by 7.1K users
She always has a plan????? What this plan was???
That's a bad screenplay joke, Telltale....
It ruins all the plot. :(

I don't even think that anyone at Telltale knows what plan she has on... it's just an bad excuse to create some suprise, but it totally fails....

If this is the help that Ron gave you about Elaine's role (as you said in an early interview)... better leave him home next time.

Another enigma to solve in the Monkey Island universe.... I'm getting bored with these tricks.

Being propositive: change the latest lines of the game and re-release an updated version, with longer and corrected ending sequence.

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  • Yeesh why are you getting so angry? I don't see anything wrong with an open ending.
  • petethepanda;247737 said:
    I thought it was pretty obvious that she was just referring to becoming the demon bride to ultimately help Guybrush defeat LeChuck. Before she agreed to it you hear her go "hmm.." or something when LeChuck said mortals couldn't handle the sword.
    Thats the way I saw it too.
    Sometimes the most simplest answer is the most obvious.:D
  • floweroftheforest;247758 said:
    Thats the way I saw it too.
    Sometimes the most simplest answer is the most obvious.:D
    Or visa versa!;)
  • Wait, why the heck did you just quote yourself?
  • GaryCXJk;247768 said:
    Wait, why the heck did you just quote yourself?
    Multiple personality disorder, maybe? ;)
  • I too don't like Elaine in the whole game, but especially the end...maybe i didn't understood something because i don't know english very well, but elaine is a bit moody and i think that the "target" of Guybrush must be something other, like become a pirate, not always "I have tu save Elaine from LeChuck!" Elaine choose LeChuck definitively; the finale can't be the same in every monkey island; SOME CHANGES MUST BE DEFINITIVE..that's why i love the role of voodoo lady

    Edit: the hand too... i think everyone loved the hook!! Guybrush is a pirate, not elaine's puppet
  • I'm going to have to agree with Bloody Eugene here. Having just beaten the game, I thought that the "it was my plan all along" trope has been played out as was the contrived ending. Though Episode 5 was fun, it was also disappointing.
  • I think "Elaine's Master Plan" was probably lost in the complexity of having different designers and writers for each episode. I'm sure it's pretty challenging when you try to blend everything together. Of course, I'm giving TTG the benefit of the doubt, believing that the original idea was much better than what actually happened in the finished game.
  • I think that Episode 5 was great, but maybe the best thing that the TellTale can do in the next season (if there will be), it's showing something more about the first season plot, because I think that too many things remain unexplained (who brought away the Morgan's body?? what was the Elaine's Master Plan??? what was written into the Voodoo Lady's Journal???)

    Everybody of us can give a good answer to these questions, and that's ok, but the point is that maybe more things should have been explained INTO the game...and maybe Guybrush itself, for a good characterization, should have some doubt about it, not simply ending the game with himself asking "WHAT WAS THE PRONOUNCE OF ESPONJA"???

    However, I don't want to say that this is a bad choice. This is a good choice, but only if in the next season they will explain some mistery, and Guybrush shows some doubt about them. I hope they will not forget about this...
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