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Login screen can't connect to internet

posted by Falanca on - last edited - Viewed by 756 users
So yeah, my Vista got infected, so I reformatted it and went back to XP Pro yesterday.

Anyway so, I wondered if there could be an improvement in performance when I play a Telltale game so I downloaded and installed Rise of the Pirate God again. Problem is, well, as the thread title suggests, whenever I fill the name and password blanks it says it can't connect and therefore it can't unlock my game. This may not be an issue spesific to the login screen of Telltale games, as my Flashget's built-in browser is also unable to find the webpages that are programmed to show. I don't want to use Manual Unlock because, well, I can actually use internet in this computer anyway and I don't want to use any indirective way to unlock my game for each game I buy. I'm planning to buy Sam and Max 2010 when it comes out, so it can be a headache if I don't install Windows 7 in the future.

I don't know what to write in Google search to find solutions either, so I'm posting this here. Even some keywords that'd be useful to search in Google can be a big help to me.
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