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How can we mod CSI:DI ?

posted by phaedon on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
CSI:DI files have identical structure with that of CSI: 3DOM.I noticed that in a forum someone was able to open the component files and he had posted some of the textures of the CSI Mobile Unit.Any tools on how to crack the component files ? Any suggestions ?
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  • phaedon;247891 said:
    GTA IV and SA are the ones I am referring to.SA is just not mod-friendly but IV is totally anti-moddable.It is moddable its just against "being moddable"

    Adventures like Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper or Casebook,you are right they don't need mods but what about games like CSI ? Imagine the possibilities new textures,revamped crime scenes,even new cases !!!
    While I agree that it could be fun to climb in and make your own cases, I don't think that's realistically going to (legally) happen.
  • What do you mean by legally.Modding isn't against the law,perhaps TTG publishing a modding tool would be since CSI is licensed but what's wrong with discussing the ways it could be modded ?
  • Icedhope;247413 said:
    I just don't think adventure games need mods, because they are perfect as is.
    I do agree that adventure games shouldn't have mods, but not because of this reason. It's... kind of an off the hook reason if you ask me.

    Earlier games using SCUMM or similar adventure engines are now easy to mod. But when you come to think of it, all those games consist of some sprites, backgrounds, items and dialouges that pop out by clicking on the appropriate actions and items simultaneously. If you're willing to mod a game using SCUMM, this'll most likely mean you'll change some images, puzzles, and backgrounds, and this means you'll actually go through the same routine as the developers of the original game have been. You see, what the developers also did is this: Adding images, text, sound bits and codes that bind those elements onto the SCUMM. Because of this fact I kinda think all SCUMM games are in fact, mods of each other. If you have something like SCUMM and want to mod a game, it's unnecessary. You can make a game of your own starting from zero, with the same amount of effort.

    Modding Telltale Games... unnecessary either. Because the recent adventure games mostly rely on dialogues and other time-consuming-to-make elements. Unless you have a great group behind you that may provide you new 3d-models (may not be necessary if you're gonna use the same models [especially for the main characters], but if you're willing to add unique puzzles, you should at least think of adding new 3d representations of the items you've been thinking of), images, animations, writing, and excellent voice acting (which is a must, as an adventure game, your mod WILL feature a big amount of dialouges and if they are not decent, your mod just will be too annoying to play), don't expect going anywhere further from this point. But if you do have that kind of a group, then what you'll get from modding will only be this: Using a free adventure game engine. Same as making games using SCUMM engine, but more time consuming because of the elements you require to make a modern game. Why not getting people who know how to code games (or buying a game engine) then making your own game?
  • What you are talking about are total-conversion mods

    You can download any 3D model you want from the Google Warehouse.You can either revamp the crime scenes and make a more open lab or even have the ability to walk around the crime scenes and the lab.You could even replace the vanilla cases with yours but this would be a bit of a total conversion
  • phaedon;248015 said:
    What you are talking about are total-conversion mods
    Well, my bad. I think more like the other kind of mods are a little bland, but it's only my opinion.
  • phaedon;247998 said:
    What do you mean by legally.Modding isn't against the law,perhaps TTG publishing a modding tool would be since CSI is licensed but what's wrong with discussing the ways it could be modded ?
    Almost every piece of software you will ever install comes with an End User License Agreement (EULA) which typically explicitly states you are not to modify the software contained within.
  • Haha, the text that noone reads. That surely got a lot of jokes.
  • lol it also says don't download software but the CSI: DI torrents were out hours after its release 0_0

    If this EULA exists in all games then how come the company that created Fallout 3 give me modding tools in order to modify the game ? Or is it just reverse-engineering that EULA prohibits ?
  • That's the exact thing what makes a game legal to mod, I believe. Unless the developers of the relevant game theirselves support you the tools that you can use to mod it, you simply can't. That must be clear in EULA.
  • If 99% of the 21st century video games for PC have EULA,50% of them are modified even if this means changing an .ini.Just some worthless information

    Also I found this at the EULA for DI:

    CBS are your rightful rulers and you will have to agree with whatever they say.Thus,you are hereby happy for Grissom leaving the show and believe with all your heart that the true Graveyard Shift Supervisor is Dr.Raymond Langston and Catherine Willows is his sidekick.We cancelled Star Trek and Eleventh Hour and we won't be afraid to cancel your version of the game if you will not comply with the EULA

    OMG,what have I done !


    I thought you would find that funny to:

    A drunk guy speaks to a bartender in a bar

    -Another bottle of Skotch please
    -Hey man you are already drunk you don't need any more alcohol
    -You know actually a traffic cop stopped me to my way here and counted my alcohol level
    -Why didn't he arrest you ?
    -He said that Alcohol 120% is already reserved
    -I see...Why are you drinking
    -My wife left me,took all my money and my dog she doesn't even like the dog !
    - *shrugs* You signed one of these pre-marriage contracts too didn't you ?
    -No even worse ! I signed an EULA ! I mean are people even supposed to read EULAs these days ?
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