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CSI Deadly Intent Case 1, walkthrough info didn't work

posted by tlaporte on - last edited - Viewed by 578 users
I'm stumped. I came to a dead end and consulted the walkthrough as a last resort. I'm trying to get Kathy to admit that she was in the suite after the murder. The walkthrough says I should confront her with the shard of glass from her closet. I had found the glass shard in her closet in her apartment and I have fitted it into the heart shaped glass dish. Perhaps I shouldn't have as when I go to confront her with my evidence I can only select the partially assembled glass dish. I do not have the option of just presenting her with the shard as the walkthrough tells me to do. I tried presenting her with the entire dish but it doesn't let me do that either, probably as the dish is incomplete at this point. It's still missing the piece which must be in Charlie's shoe but I can't get to examine his shoe to get that either.

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  • Sorry I take it back. The first time that I tried to present her with the glass evidence, it didn't let me but I just tried the same thing again and it did and I'm going on. No idea what happened the first time.
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