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Tales of Monkey Island has an awesome score, and I was hoping that a soundtrack will be coming out. Anyway, i was just using the telltale music extractor so i thought i would do it, episode by episode. But I was hoping maybe someone could do the cover art if I do the music extraction? The List of Music (in order) is currently;

Launch of the Screaming Narwhal
* Main Theme
* Main Theme (Short)
* Opening the First
* Opening the Second
* Opening the Third
* The Town
* The Map
* The Jungle
* Doro's Theme
* Voodoo
* DeSinge
* DeSinge Conversation
* Interlude
* The Poxed Town
* The Dock
* Ship at Dock
* On The Screaming Narwhal
* All Hands On Deck!
* Sailing
* Wind Machine
* Restoring the Winds
* Closing

And yes, this probably means that the soundtrack will span 2 discs if it is made (That's 22 files, all over a minute thirty). I'm also thinking of including Majus' song he performed in that last "I wonder what happens?" if he agrees.
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  • If you look around online, someone's already done the extraction and some cover art for the first two episodes.

    I'm not sure how I feel about that though.

    Downloading someone else's extraction is certainly quicker and easier than extracting and arranging it myself.
    But running the extractor isn't exactly difficult, and the presence of the download lets people who haven't brought the game get the music.
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