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Dog glitch?

posted by Tigerlily on - last edited - Viewed by 457 users
I've combined the dog with the sock and he's got the scent, but when i use the dog with the x-marked groud, guybrush just says "there's nothing around here I need him to find". Glitch? Or have I missed some cruicial point?
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  • You haven't asked the characters about the whereabouts of the treasure, probably... Try talking to Treasure Hunter and Galeb about it before doing that.
  • Yeah, exhausting all dialogue options generally sorts these sorts of things out.
  • Hearing every piece of dialogue in an adventure game is usually essential in actually figuring out puzzles as well. In my opinion, if you don't listen to all of the things that each character has to say, you're either a little impatient or a little stupid. Plus, why wouldn't you try every dialogue option? That's where fifty percent of the laughs are!
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