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I VERY LOVE Tales of Monkey Island !!!

I bought two pre-orderer Collector's DVD 2,

and I am thinking of buying poster 2 + 6Button Set 2

I would like for you to want those items(collector's 2 + poster 2 + 6Button Set 2) send to me, at same time.

so would package shipment be possible?

and I have an earnest request

I really wish...

May I have a developer's autograph at Collector's DVD


Sorry for bothering you.
Plaese write me back soon. Thank you.

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  • Hi kyzin,
    First, we have to wait until there is a MI disc to ship. Once that is available to order off the site, you may put the disc with the other items to ship to you at the same time. I don't have an exact date as the disc is still in production. All MI subscribers will get a notification from us letting you know when the disc is available to order and how to do so. Expect to hear from us shortly.

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