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What happend to Gabe? (Spoiler?)

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We never see what happens to him! Actually, I was slightly disappointed in the post-fight sequence in general, (it was mostly Congratulations: You Won The Game..., seeing as how Tales is more storyline-driven then most video games, I was hoping for a more epilogue type ending. But I digress), but my biggest complaint was that, with Gabe being so mysterious, we never get a conclusion. The Voodoo lady I can understand, that was done on purpose. But Gabe...

It's like hanging a gun in act 1, but not firing it in 2 nor 3,
It's like ending on a V cord without resolving to a I

I'm out of analogies.

Great game though, Telltale! I am completely satisfied with my purchase, am and now a Monkey Island fan for life. That's just the one thing that bugs me.

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