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Is the MI season upgrade supposed to work with a chapter bought at Amazon?

posted by Lady of the Thread on - last edited - Viewed by 126 users
Hello. I first discovered Tales of Monkey Island on and I've already bought the first chapter there. I loved the old Monkey Island games and enjoyed this new version so I wanted to get the rest of the chapters. :) I found my way to the Telltale site and read that it's possible to get a disc if you buy the season here so I'm planning to get the rest here.

But I'm a little confused on whether the season upgrade is supposed to work for me or not. On the store page for the season upgrade, it says that I qualify for the upgrade. But when it add it to my shopping cart and view the shopping cart page, it lists the full season at $34.95 with a 25% discount applied. Which is supposed to be right? :confused: Would I have to buy the entire season here if I wanted to get the disc?
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Hi Lady, sorry for the confusion!

    Unfortunately, folks who bought Tales of MI episodes at Amazon don't qualify for an upgrade on our site. However, I'm not sure why it'd be showing you the wrong messaging about the MI upgrade; we're looking into that now.

    In the meantime, check your PMs.
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