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After Sam and Max season 2 was over, Jared put together a really nice soundtrack album from the season.
I particularly liked the fact that, while his soundtrack from the first season had been higher quality tracks from the game, the soundtrack for the second season had some of the tracks enhanced for the CD. (E.g. the CD contained the full versions of The Big Stinker and Rapa Nui Choo Choo, which you couldn't actually hear in the game.)

So, I was wondering... what are the chances of a soundtrack CD being made available for Tales of Monkey Island.
I know it's probably rather more difficult due to licensing issues, but... please, pretty please..? ^_^;;


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    I really hope they do release the soundtrack; The music in Tales is outstanding.
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    My favourite track has got to be the Voodoo Lady's theme. So groovy and jiving (like her theme from Curse) but still keeping the erie-ness of her themes from the first two MI games.
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    ooo i definatly love the music from Tales Of Monkey Island, we Michael Land is absolutly brilliant
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