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Real Feast for the Senses menu

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So I've seen a few threads popping up about the Feast lately, and I got to wondering, would the map really fold like that and work the way it does in-game? Well, there was only one way to test it out. Three screenshots, a few hours, and some frustration later, I had my very own Feast for the Senses menu.



Looks awesome, right? Well, remember my original question? Well, as I was making the thing, I realized that it would never fold right. Compare the following images:

The folded map:

The folded corners:

If you compare the question marks, you see that the corner version is more squished. Also, the shape of the folded area is wrong. In short, Telltale cheated (though given how complex a map like this is, I can hardly blame them) and messed with the dimensions of the folded corners. Were Guybrush in the real world, the map would've looked something like this when folded along the already present fold lines:


Compare to the in-game version:

It would take some imagination, but I imagine he could still find his way through the Flotsam jungle with it.

If anyone would like to make their own map, here are the images I used:

Edit: You'll want to squish the height on both images down to 560 without changing the width if you want it to fold properly.
Edit Edit: For some reason, Photobucket shrunk down the image of the inside. I could probably get a jpeg up at the original size, but I wouldn't want to sacrifice image quality. You'll still want to shrink the outside's height to 560, but you'll want to shrink the inside to 380. If you use a program that stretches the printed image to fit the paper, it should still align properly.

Edit x3: Don't use the images linked here. Use the ones in these two posts.
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