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What I think about Telltale

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Hello everybody!
I've always been following Telltale's relatively short but prolific life, but after the recent release of "Rise of the Pirate God" I felt compelled to sign up to these forums and share what I fell right now towards Telltale. I'm sorry if this is not the way or the place (maybe there's already some thread like this one) but as I said I just signed up and this is my first post, after all.

I feel that in TellTale's games I see the quality and devotion I used to see and admire in adventure games of the 90's. I think that TellTale now holds the "crown" of best adventure game maker, which LucasArts and (I just need to mention them as well because of their importance) their nemesis Sierra On-Line used to have. It simply is evident for any critic eye that Telltale games are made not only with profit in mind but also quality and good taste and sadly that's not common everyday. Telltale dares to take the risk with a game genre that's not so much in vogue than in previous years but that has more storytelling potential than movies because, after all, I consider movies to be a non-interactive subset of adventure games.

Today Telltale is making games that will be remembered, in the same way so many people around the world remembers "Secret of Monkey Island", "Day of the Tentacle" and so many other titles. And those companies that do not take risks and simply make one FPS clone after the other are, according to my point of view, doomed to be forgotten.

Well, that was it ;) I must admit I felt particularly inspired since I just completed "Rise of the Pirate God" and I may be particularly overexcited :P

Thank you.
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