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Trying for intelligent conversation? The Path

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Hello all my Tell Tale forum friends, enemies, and people who otherwise don't care. I was hoping to have an analytical conversation about the Path, a game by Tale of Tales, which is a bizarre little game basically about Little Red Ridding Hood. If you haven't played it, you can buy and download it for 10 bucks on the Tale of Tales website. It is definitely worth a play.

To start off the conversation, I have a burning question to ask of you all:
Do you think the Grandmother is dead from the beginning of the game? (Yes this game is dark and goth)
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  • Ugh, my friend sent me this game as a gift and I played with another friend. And while we did have fun analyzing it and "wtf"ing at it and laughing at some bizarre parts, the actual gameplay is just maddening and awful to the point that makes you lose the emotional effect the "game" is supposed to be making you feel and instead just makes you annoyed and frustrated at it as a mechanical thing. It's not good to have a game break the fourth wall like that. Way too indie and pretentious. Yeah, it's great they want to make art through some games, I get it, but they forgot the actual show-it-through-gaming part. A lot of games that exist ARE art and show it well through the help of gameplay. That's like trying to use an easel, then splattering the paint on the walls and calling it easel art. What makes it worse is that the creator will take any of these sort of constructive criticisms as if gamers are sheep and we can't understand his work of art. NO. I'm sorry, but it's not worth the ten bucks. The fact that they actually charged for this type of "game" is what makes it so pretentious.

    But anyway, enough ranting about the game, here is what I analyzed:

    To me, the grandmother is not dead in the beginning but rather on the verge of dying. It seems as if the forest and path are some kind of metaphorical mindset. Like if she's trying to find her memories and creates several metaphorical and personified phases of her youth to find them. (the 6 girls) There are several memories in the forest as well as bad ones. (hence the wolves)

    I'll stop it at that since you said that's where you want to start. As much as I dislike the game as a whole, I still thought what happened in it was interesting enough, so don't let that stop you from discussing it with me.
  • Only way to ensure intelligent conversation is to start talking to yourself my friend.

    Never played the game, though reminds me of Alice from the concept
  • JedExodus;251181 said:
    Never played the game, though reminds me of Alice from the concept
    I agree.

    I'll have to look into it, I'm known to brave rediculous controls for the sake of a good plot.
  • I think Alice might have been a great inspiration for it, as they have mentioned it several times and even interviewed McGee about psychological horror games during development of the game.

    Anyway, the controls aren't actually so bad since it's such a simple gameplay mechanic. You don't need to fight any monsters or anything, just explore areas and interact with a few things. Of course, with the exception of the running which is annoying as hell. You see, every time you try to run, the camera goes upwards so you can't see what's ahead of you and the screen blackens after a while with some of those cheesy scribbles on the screen and some annoying horror game sound effects. Sure it might be scary/confusing the first time when you don't realize what's happening in the forest but it gets on your nerves quickly, especially when you realize how repetitive the gameplay aspect is and when you've come to an understanding of what is happening around you in that you must do the same thing with each of the six girls. When I was on the second girl I've already realized what was happening and was getting increasingly frustrated that the game wanted to be annoying when I just wanted to explore more efficently by running.

    There are a lot more annoying things than the controls, though. There is that ridiculous "walk of shame" at some point in the game where the girl is walking incredibly slowly to grandma's house and it takes about two minutes to get there with nothing happening at all. And of course this must happen with EACH GIRL. >:|

    There's also the stupid flower collecting, which was put there mostly to mock the gamer who decides to collect them all. Because if you go through the tedious process of finding them all, NOTHING HAPPENS. It's been confirmed this was done to mock players who feel the need to collect everything within a game. Yes, god forbid I want to appreciate the way a game was made by trying to experience everything it has to offer, but thank you for mocking me for trying, game!

    Some girls also have some memories to collect which are only found in a certain area, but sometimes that area is only randomized to appear for a certain girl, and sometimes it's randomized to not appear at all no matter how many times you load the specific girl who is the only one who can get that memory unless you "beat" or start the file over, and even then you have to pray the randomization system likes you.

    I could go on and on, but the icing on the cake is how easily the creator dismisses criticisms of these unnecessary mechanics, sometimes creating these bizarro "artistic" reasons for why they were put in there. To quote someone on Steam: "What would you say if the game kept crashing to the desktop? 'That's to make you feel like the game is eluding you, and doesn't want you to play it! You must keep pursuing it!'" Basically, it's just a bunch of pretentious BS.
  • ^ Sounds like one of those games to watch a playthrough of on Youtube. That way you get the gist, with the added bonuses of fast-forwarding through the tedium and not feeding the creator's ridiculous ego.
  • Yeah, that's the thing one of my friends did. She just watched the endings of each girl on youtube. Though you don't get the same feeling of being lost and confused by doing that, but I'd say it's not worth it to pay ten dollars just to feel it for a little moment before you get frustrated over and over again after that.
  • I remember this game was called underage rape simulator, or something. I've never played though.
  • Nah, the whole belief that what's happening to all the girls is that they're getting raped doesn't hold much water. There's no indication that could have happened except for only one of the girls; there's a bigger picture involved. The game is supposedly about growing up, so there's a lot of different things that happen to each girl.
  • I was going to make a joke about how this thread discouraged me from wanting to try this game until I got to The Spoony Hou's post, but then I thought better of it.
  • Do you mean you are now encouraged to play this game from that post? (D:) Or do you mean you don't want to make a joke anymore due to insensitivity?

    If it's the latter, you really shouldn't worry about it, since even if only one instance of the game has sexual implications, whether it's *that* kind of implication or not is only up to your interpretation. (I really can't talk about it much without spoiling it and I'm sure there's people who still want to try the game :|)
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