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Ep4 crash (formerly "It's getting worse")

posted by dr_debil on - last edited - Viewed by 3.7K users
seems like the programmers are making progress... :D in episode 4 i can't even see the intro. it crashes right after pushing the launch button...

episode 1 works without any problems... 2,3,4 don't. why the hell did you modify the engine???

THIS SUCKS!!!:mad:
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  • I have a 6800 at home with 93.71, and I can run it fine, so I suspect that may not be the problem.
  • Oh well. Thanks for trying it. :(
  • Just updated to Server 2003 SP2 on the off chance they improved the compatibility modes. No luck.
  • I finally got S&M to work and it was caused by the upgraded to the nvidea 93.71 latest drivers. Apparently nview added a bunch of new user definable settings that i guess just dosn't agree with my system and S&M. After tuning a couple of things down a little it runs fine again!:)
  • Really? What settings did you tweak?
  • Yes, let us know which settings!

    I'd love to be able to tell people when they write into support with this problem.
  • I pretty much set any settings that could be set to "application-controlled" to application-contolled and then I turned off stuff that gave me slower performance but better quality grafics (anisotropic?).
  • In the new nVidia control panel under "Manage 3D settings", I set

    Ansiotropic filtering - App. controlled
    Antialiasing settings -App. controlled
    Conformant texture clamp - Use Hardware
    Extension limit -Off
    Force mipmaps - None
    Hardware acceleration - Single display
    Negative LOD bias - Allow
    Texture filtering - High performance
    Triple buffering - On
    Vertical sync - App. controlled

    I fiddled with a few of the settings, but in the end, none seemed to have any effect on Eps 2 or 4. :(

    Skell454, were any of your settings different than those?
  • I also set my nvidia setting to what you recommended and still no luck. With my system I can play
    Ep1: no problem
    Ep2: for a bit before crashing or if I use Sam's gun it will crash immediatly
    Ep3: can't get past the opening credits
    Ep4: Have been able to play without any serious problems that I could see.

    so I'm still at the same. Oh well back to waiting for an answer.

    Thanks for the idea.
  • Things are definitely improving, or at least changing randomly :). I'm one of those people desperately sticking with Win2k, which seems to be equivalent to XP with SP1 when it comes to the problems here. Attached is the DxDiag dump. I'll just dump what I've got on the pile in the hope it will be useful:
    ep1: works fine
    ep2: affected by the crash when loading a game
    ep3: crashes after credits at start of opening cutscene (just after the title fades away)
    ep4: crashes at start of opening cutscene (probably like ep3, because the credits come afterwards)
    ep5: works fine again.
    The crash is the well known access violation with seemingly randomly varying hexcodes. Currently, with ep5 working, the system has the 9371 NVidia driver installed; so that alone can't be the cause of the crash. I hate random interference crashes and am glad I'm not the programmer who has to fix this :)

    ep3 and ep4 run fine on my second computer with XP SP2, I didn't test the others.
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