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am i the only one who thought...

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...that Rise of the pirate god was the hardest episode (along with Trial)?
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  • i found thefirst two the hardest mainly though because i didnt see the bucket in spinner cay :/
  • I found it kinda hard because I look for every little thing, try everything I possibly can. I played around with everything. that can make it a bit frustrating
  • I thought "Trial" was tough (of course, I don't watch Court TV.) I wasn't sure how to question witnesses or handle the evidence. It took a while, but I FINALLY got the hang of it! :^)
  • Huh. I actually found RotPG pretty difficult. There were a lot of points where I kinda knew what to do but I didn't have the items or didn't know where to get them. D: Or how, in some cases. And then LeChuck's ship was kinda painful, but I got the hang of it. I only used, I think, two hints from the forum for the chapter, though, just 'cause I wanted to do the last episode all by myself. Of course, the things I did look up I probably wouldn't have gotten. I don't think it was the hardest, though - there were others that were harder, methinks.
  • Well it the easiest episode for me. I managed to solve all the puzzles I came across. Well, only the LeChuck Finale was difficult since you do not have the freedom to move and LeChuck pops up randomly.

    I believe it depends on the paths you lead Guybrush to. For example, you could go to a place and you don't have the required inventory item and waste your time there thinking. An also, my friend is smarter and sharper than me in solving puzzles (he finished the previous episodes quickly) yet he struggled in this one like your case I suppose so yeah you are not the only one :p
  • I think i found it quite hard. I can't really remember my first playthroughs of the others, so i can't really compare. I know it's a toss-up between 4/5 for me.
  • I thought it was very short. Maybe the awesomeness distracted me.

    Oh, I didn't have any problems with the difficulty.
  • Yup, certainly felt the longest, and I did all 5 in a row.

    I played with hint level 0 (no bar lit is off, not?) like probably all of you are too anyway and I only needed a walkthrough hint once in "Launch of the Screaming Narwal" to get moving, for the rest it was all myself. Making that unanimously my most difficult episode of all 5.
  • avistew;249766 said:
    Yeah, that was annoying. It might just be me but I feel that if you spend more time getting from one place to another than actually doing things or thinking about puzzles, there is something wrong.
    Of course, the fact that getting from one place to another involved Guybrush spinning around several times didn't help (twice just to get from the boat to to the Tavern Portal).

    At least by that time I had realised GB could run. Chapter One was extremely frustrating because of that.

    This is why ToMI screamed for some
    from CMI & an optional point n' click UI :/
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