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Low lands low = MI?

posted by zammap on - last edited - Viewed by 123 users
Low Lands Low is this old song, and I've had the Cd that it came on since... welll since the CD came out. But when I first heard the song MI came to mine

(bridge/musical at :46 and again at 1:40)

This tune does not appear in any other artist's version.

So what do you think?

I always thought it would have been interesting to make a MI video with this song
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  • Hey cool! I think that fits the whole theme and atmosphere of Monkey Island really well. Including it in a vid sounds like a good idea, I say "go for it!" :).
  • It has a piratey touch for sure, sounds mostly Flately to me though.
    I'd recommend not to let the vid become _too_ long (the low-low-low - part that keeps repeating itself over and over again kinda goes on one's nerves...or at least mine. ;) )
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