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Your episode order?

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im terms of how awesome they were now that all of them have been released?

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  • After that sexy episode 5
    Season 2 can only get so gooooooooooooooooooooooood
  • 5 (Story, feeling, and it felt the longest episode for me. Made well up for the increased walking and the small amount of re-use/repitition crawling up)
    3 (Very nice locations, cast and puzzles. Also; more murray!)
    2 (A general improvement upon episode 1. Not so much a fan of the fishpeople but overall liked it a lot. The LeChuck puzzle was totally awesome!)
    4 (a dip in the season after the great 3, fortunately not set forth for the finale. Didn't really pulled the story forwards as much as the other until the very end, and generally didn't feel as funny as other episodes)
    1 (Not that bad, it's just that it pales in comparison to all other episodes. Which is good, we wouldn't want TTG to decline instead of improve, no? Also overall the episode with the most annoying puzzles (had to see a walkthrough for one and it literally took me half a hour to figure I could make DeSinge's chair get horizontal to actually do anything to solve my situation))
  • 5>4>3>2>1

    It just got better and better as the season went on! All episodes were absolutely excellent but Rise of the Pirate God ended up on top. Narwhal does NOT deserve to be placed in last but, as I said, the episodes just got increasingly better - which caused Narwhal to be ranked 5th.
  • 5>4>3>1>2

    Though I haven't played through any of them again since release so I'm basing it from memory. Generally, I think they got better and better as they progressed, but I seem to recall not having as much fun with the second. Although I may have just been tired, as I wanted to complete it in one sitting.
  • 4 was my favourite. I liked 3 and 5 too although a bit less than 4. I liked 1 and 2 the least.

    So 4>5+3>1+2 (this is so mathematically wrong)
  • 1 may not have been the best, but that feeling of firing up a new MI game for the first time in a decade was magical.
  • They all tie for me. I can't choose between them. For me it's one complete game, so comparing like this is like taking apart the chapters of MI2 or something and rating them individually. So I can't really rate anything.

    Well okay, here's my rating.

    1. 5/5
    2. 5/5
    3. 5/5
    4. 5/5
    5. 5/5
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    My Rating:
    Episode 1: Banana
    Episode 2: Twilight
    Episode 3: Red
    Episode 4: Cluster
    Episode 5: Rowboat

    So to me it's a Red Rowboat under a Cluster of Banana trees at Twilight
  • 3>4>5>1>2

    loved chapter 3 and 4, also think i spent more time on those chapters as well ,Overall i found the characters from episode 3 to be the most amusing ones
    episode 5 was quite good, but a bit sad as i didn`T want the series to end :/
    episode 1 was okay
    episode 2 was just "meh"
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