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  • Jesus, finally got around to commenting on this thing. Been a crazy day...anyways, I like the character so far. So, is she suppose to be female or you're not too sure, since it all depends on how the character is handled in future stories? I'm just curious is all. :) I like her so far and looking forward to seeing what you have planned for her. Man, Hades-you've been one busy mother beeper this year, haven't you? XD I like all that Greek Mythology, too, so that already peeked my interest. :)

    Glad to hear your leg is doing a bit better and all you need is physical therapy. Keep up the good spirits, my good man.

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    Oro? New Character!? Gasp! or could be written off later depending on how people feel about her background info. Name: Renae Lo

  • I liked this a lot. I'm also loving Thane and his leader mentality. He's truly a leader and it shows half way through the story. Humpty was always a nusiance to me and glad my thoughts on him did not change. I'm wondering what he has planned for not only the brothers but fabletown. My guess is, he's not even CLOSE to handing out the goods. >:) Can't wait to see what his plan is! My week has been pretty hectic but all is good. Hope you're doing great, too. :)

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    Hey, long chapter! Was meant to post this weeks ago, hope everyone's doing great and traveling safely during the holidays! chat wi

  • Hahaha! We all have those days! XD She is technically both due to her deal with Izanami even though her body is more feminine than masculine, Izanami changed her body to allow her to have the ability to lure fables and mundanes (If they see her) alike, male or female and drag them to the underworld (This whole thing was why I was uneasy about even introducing this character). I got this idea from one of my favorite game heroines named Kaine from Nier who is a hermaphrodite. Glad to hear it since I have been thinking people would throw their hands in the air like NOPE get gone! Hahaha! Hades is always busy when he's not being led on by Izanami! XD There will be more Greek Mythology as well! :D

    Yeah I was so happy when he told me that, he said I was close to completely losing it! Will do, hopefully you can take a bit of a rest this weekend!

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    Jesus, finally got around to commenting on this thing. Been a crazy day...anyways, I like the character so far. So, is she suppose

  • enter image description here


    Emily, placing a pan of meatloaf into the oven, was baffled. On the phone with Katie, the jet black haired beauty circles around, grabs a spoon and stirs the potatoes in a large pot. Word travels fast within the Porgie clan; someone knows of another’s secret and before the sun went down, it was all out for the family to see. Something as ‘juicy’-according to Katie-like Penny seeing Robert Grendel needed to be discussed among the siblings.

    Emily was in a way not too surprised but rather why Penny felt the need to keep this to herself. Secrets usually left Penny an anxious mess and giggling to herself; Emily began to imagine the horrible, sleepless nights her sister received because of this. Now, on the other end of this call, was Katie herself. Being the leader that she’d become, this was news that only she had to deliver before Lyla or even Penny herself did.

    “YES!” Attempting to whisper, Katie speaks. “She’s seeing RJ’s dad!”

    “And how the bloody devil do ya’ know this, Katherine? ‘Member when ya’ thought she was-”

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah-LISTEN! She was just here not too long ago and I just got off the phone with Brad because I’m having them do another job and he accidentally let it slip that-”

    “Accidentally?” Emily knew better and chuckles. “Are ya’ sure the cheeky little bastard was not hopin’ ta’ tell someone and fast?”

    “EMILY-you’re missing the POINT here! Penny is SEEING Robert Grendel!”

    “I know who the bloody devil that is, Katie. I am married ta’ his younger ya’ know if RJ knows?”

    “I’m sure he think they told him, too?”

    Emily wipes her hands upon a nearby towel. By now, dinner was slowly cooking; the quads were in the living room tackling their homework, while the triplets slept in their cribs. Vivian was attempting to put her own son down for a nap but judging by the shrill screams, Vivian’s pleas and ‘Hush little baby’ now on its fifth repeat, Emily knew it was never going to happen. Emily takes a seat at the counter and pours herself a glass of wine.

    “And if they didn’t, Katie, THEY need ta’ give RJ this information. NOT you….”

    “I just can’t see it! Can you?!”

    “Well, I can’t see ya’ with Jersey. He’s a nasty fookin’ prick and-”

    “HEY! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Jersey is a sexy beast!”

    Emily wanted to vomit. Just the mere image of the seventies porn star wannabe. “Oh God, Katie….”

    “Oh and Gren is on the cover of a magazine, my sweet sister?”

    “Look, all I’m sayin’ is, each ta’ their own. Ya’ like how Jersey looks, I’m attracted ta’ Gren’s greasy Italian thing and Penny finds Robert attractive enough ta’ SEE him and hope for a relationship.”

    Katie sighs, taking a seat at her desk. By now, Malcom was roaming the streets of the Wolf community, keeping them safe and answering any questions from concerned citizens. The phones had been silent all afternoon and Katie was currently enjoying the sudden peace and quiet of her office. Only noise was the nearby fish aquarium pump and a few honking cars outside. Katie munches on an Apple and leans back into her chair.

    “Wonder how mom will take this. Or, dad….for that matter.”

    Emily was concerned for not how her mother’s reaction would pan out but Georgie’s. She knew of their past history and from the very detailed stories, it was not a peaceful one. But that didn’t matter, at least in Emily’s eyes. Hopefully, her father was the same way. So many things had changed.

    “Guess we’ll know durin’ dinner, now won’t we, Katie?”

    Before Katie could answer, Gren storms into the house. Slamming the door behind him, Emily knew what this was about before he could even speak a single word. She sighs, knowing all too well how this little fiasco would end-Gren shouting, a tall glass of Whiskey being poured and after an hour to himself, would be alright with the situation. If it meant her good china was safe, so be it.

    “I gotta’ go, Katie-the big guy just got home and he sounds fookin’ pissed.”

    “Oh, ouch…” Katie was just glad it wasn’t here this time. “Weeeeeellll….I guess we’ll talk more Friday night, Ems. See you later oh and….good luck.”

    Emily wanted to scream fuck you into her sister’s ear but before this crossed her lips, the dead silence and soon, a beeping noise, indicating the call ended. Emily places her phone down and right on cue, Gren enters the kitchen; he removes his jacket, tosses the article of clothing onto the nearby counter and reaches into the kitchen. Beaming the entire time, Emily takes another sip from her glass.

    “Somethin’ troublin’ ya’, love?” Might as well have fun with this, thought Emily. “Ya’ seem-annoyed ta’night.”

    “OH I’m far from fuckin’ annoyed, Emily!” Gren sits before his wife, pouring himself a glass of Whiskey. She was right so far. Gren continues. “You’re not going to fuckin’ BELIEVE the shit I heard and-”

    “Does it involve my sista’ and ya’ bloody brotha’, Grendel?”

    Gren seemed startled by her answer. “....Yes. How the fuck-”

    “Katherine. The gossip queen of woot was once Fabletown. Guess Penny came by her office, mentioned this and when Katie called Brad, the little bugga’ ‘accidentally’ let it slip.”

    Gren rolls his eyes. “Accidentally my left nut sack…..not surprised those two would know first….”

    Emily reaches over the counter and grabs Gren’s hand. Warm and rough to the touch. “Ya’ okay, love? No jokes and don’t ya’ lie ta’ me.”

    “I’m….actually alright with this, Ems. I’m just fuckin’ pissed he kept this from me. Bad enough Isaiah held that Vampire bullshit for so long. I mean, do they not trust me with this fuckin’ shit?! I’m their brother! I’m-”

    “Calm ya’self, love.” Emily places her index finger upon Gren’s lips. “Ya’ gettin’ loud. Now, listen-the whole bullshit with ya’ brotha’ Isaiah is simple: That’s not an easy thing ta’ tell ya’ family, especially when ya’ three have been estranged fa’ centuries. He probably thought ya’ or Robert would freak the fook out and neva’ speak ta’ him again.”

    Gren throws back the glass and drinks his Whiskey. “Bullshit. I’d still talk to him….”

    Emily continues. “Now, this whole thing with my sista’ and Robert is a BIG fookin’ deal. I honestly don’t blame them, love. Fa’ example: my brotha’ Junior. We all KNEW there was somethin’ goin’ on between him and Bloody Mary but we left it alone, thinkin’ it was all in our heads. Well, turns out those two were screwin’ like Rabbits when we least expected it and on top of that, they were engaged ta’ be married when the bastard turned eighteen. That threw us ALL fa’ a fookin’ loop….”

    Gren exhales. “Yeah, I recall that shit. Your dad was furious….”

    Emily nods, continuing to hold Gren’s hand. “The same shit is goin’ on ‘ere, only this time, they are finally tellin’ us all, one by one. We have ta’ be unda’standing and willin’ ta’ accept this. I won’t lose my sista, Gren….and afta’ all the shit ya’ two went through, doubt ya’ wanna’ lose Robert, too. Ya’ both are finally on good terms.”

    Gren looks up, peers into Emily’s eyes and chuckles. She was always willing to calm him down. Give everything ‘bad’ an explanation. Do everything in her power to avoid confrontation. One of the many qualities he honestly wished he possessed. This nearly sent his sanity into the pits of the abyss but for the time being, Gren was alright. Come Friday, this would be old news and everyone could move forward with their lives. But he could see why his brother had an attraction to a Porgie girl; they were not only stunning but had fire within their bellies that no one could ever contain. They did as they pleased and followed their own rules.

    “Yeah.” Gren finally speaks, looking deeper into Emily’s eyes. “You’re right. I’ll be fine. Just, threw me off….”

    “How do ya’ think I fell? It’ll be fine. I’m just wonderin’ how my dad will feel…”

    Before Gren could answer, one of the quads emerges from their homework and enters the kitchen. They’d continue this conversation later that evening but for right now, both felt it would all pan out. It had to.

    ~Friday night 7:30pm~

    Robert stood before the mirror, slowly fixing his tie and staring longly into the glass. The reflection should have pictured a strong man, one confident in the evening and not a worry left lingering in his mind. Tonight should have come easy. This was not the first time being introduced into the clan and he knew them all by heart: from the rambunctious Katherine, to the mischievous Emily; his daring Penelope, unpredictable Junior, speaks-his-mind Peter and God rest his soul, the crowd-pleasing Ethan. Yet there he was, shaking like a leaf being blown around by the morning breeze.

    He knew deep down inside this would be fine. He’d make it through the evening. They’d welcome him into their arms and hearts. But would ALL of them be so inviting? Georgie’s reaction, according to Penny, was still leaving the bold creature trembling in fear. Robert began to picture the trademark ‘sour’ look and the silence haunting the night. Everyone anxiously waiting to see what the men would say. How Georgie would ‘welcome’ this unexpected guest.

    “You’re fine, Robert.” Still fumbling with his tie, Robert speaks to himself. “You’ll be just fine. Just, get over there, shake his hand and talk to the guy. You KNOW who the fuck Georgie is…..right? Fuck….”

    “You’d think so but….no.”

    The mirror before Robert shakes for a few moments, glows red and within seconds, Junior pops through the glass; he leans along the wooden border, folds his arms and chuckles at the struggles before him.

    “Need some help there, Robert?”

    “Can you fast forward time, so I’ll know my answer for tonight?”

    Junior shakes his head. “Sorry big buy. Can’t help you there. THINK one of Katie’s daughters has that ability-don’t quote me on that-but even then, she probably would fuck it up some how. That shit is NOT an easy thing to tackle.”

    Robert runs his thick fingers through the field of black, now neatly combed back and a touch of mousse to keep the loose pieces from flying around. Only piece of hair he could never tame, was that annoying cowlick that Penny seemed to find so charming. He sits on the toilet and rests his face upon his palms.

    “I don’t think I can do this, Junior. Your dad is not exactly an easy novel to read.”

    “Yeah, I get that a lot but he means well. Can you blame him though, Robert? Sure, he NEEDS to acknowledge this little ‘secret’ ya’ two have been harboring for a year now but think what this is doing to him, too. his daughter-the one he’s been worried about for years-is taking a chance in love and there is only so much a father can do.”

    This was news to Robert. He looks at Junior, confusion crossing into his mind. “He’s worried about Penelope?”

    “Of course. He’s a father to three daughters. I can honestly say, I get it now. I myself have four little girls and one day, they’ll be all grown up and picking lovers for themselves. Sometimes, though, you endure broken hearts. Broken dreams and it tears you, as both a man and father, to see your own flesh and blood go through that…” Junior pauses and glares at the tile floor. “My sister Penny is a strong woman, just like Katherine and Emily. Emily had trouble, yes but she HAD somewhat of a grip on her life. Penny always remained just ‘there’, you know? She’s been through a lot, Robert….”

    Robert sighs. “I know-”

    “No, I don’t think you do, Robert. I don’t think you truly know just what my sister has been through and I’m not talking about the shit she’s going through with Johann.”

    “She won’t TELL me, Junior.”

    “And she won’t. Don’t expect her to just come out and dish all her secrets. That’s not how she works.”

    “Then what-”

    Junior continues to speak, causing Robert to remain silent and alert. “Penelope is waiting to see how long you’ll ‘hold on’ before you no longer can take this. Her ‘true’ self, Robert. My sister is strong, yes but she can only hold on alone for so long. She’s been doing this whole ‘suffering alone’ shit for years. Not even my folks know half of her bullshit and I think this is why my dad is so worried and protective of her. Why he didn’t just welcome you and invite you inside to have a Beer and watch the game, so to speak.”

    Robert could not breathe. Could not imagine just what sort of secrets Penny was keeping locked away, to the point where she was literally ‘testing’ him in private, waiting to see if he’d give up trying and leave her alone, just like all the others before him. Johann. Sam. Chris. Charlie. Oliver. Mike.

    “THIS is why, Robert, you need to just sit back and wait for my dad to approach you. Be there for my sister. You’ve been there so far and I think my dad knows this but again, this can’t be easy on him either. Just...remember this tonight, okay?”

    Robert agrees without a word even said. All he could was hang his head, look at the floor and nod his massive head. He thought he knew it all. Knew everything there was to Penny but perhaps there was still a long ways to go before he reached that point. But in his mind and heart, this was the part he looked forward to most in their relationship. Junior beamed, attempting to hold back the tears, as he watched Robert finish up the final step to creating the perfect knot. Standing up, Robert looks in Junior’s direction.

    “Well….what do you think?”

    Junior holds up two thumbs. “You look terrific, dude. And you’re going to be just fine. I promise.”

    The knock at the door brought Robert back. The gentle taps allowed Junior the chance to wink, wave and without another word, disappear back into the depths of the mirror. Robert felt the genuine love, concern and trust within Junior’s words. Inhaling and taking one final glance at himself, he proceeds to the door and opens it. Penny wore a simple black dress that was very fitting against her figure, a few jewels and black high heels. Her hair was curled and bounced with each step she took. Her intoxicating smell began to invade Robert’s nose and soon, he found himself clenching both fists and holding back all urges to pin Penny against the wall and passionately kiss her.

    “You look amazing.” Robert gathered himself up long enough to speak. “Wow...look at you…”

    Penny blushes, trying to cover her face with her clutch bag. “Oh stop, you. Nothing fancy…”

    “Does not matter.” Robert gently strokes her cheek. “I think you look spectacular, Penelope.”

    “You look rather dashing tonight, Robert. Don’t think I’ve ever seen you dress up before.”

    “I can clean up nicely and pull myself up from the mud from time to time for these sort of things.”

    Penny laughs, grabbing onto Robert’s arm. “Well, I like it. Suits you. Josiah is finish up right now and once we’re all set, we’ll head over to my parent’s place. Nervous?”

    Robert tried to hide the fact that deep down inside, he was turning into a trembling child. Someone that wanted to throw his hands up and give up. Forget all of this and hope for the best. That was the old Robert; he had a reason now to push through those thoughts, brace himself for the worst and stand victorious against the outcome, no matter what occurred tonight. Grasping tighter to Penny and watching as Josiah joined their little group, he kisses the top of her head and beams.

    “Nervous? Nah. I’m feeling pretty damn good.”

    “Good.” Penny plants a kiss onto Robert’s cheek, as Josiah fetches his coat. “I’m looking forward to tonight.”

    “Think nana will make that really good Jello pie dessert, mama?”

    “I’m sure your nana made that and then some, Josiah. You know how she is around this time of year-bakes, bake, bake and more baking. Now, grab mommy’s hand so we can all head out to the car.”

    Robert locks the door behind them, snatches Penny’s hand and guides the duo down the stairs. Along the way to their vehicle, Robert glances around the night sky and the busy city around him. The lights twinkles along the night sky, honking of horns buzzed around and the smells of thousands of foods trailed through the open air. The wind was chilly and danced along the creature’s hair and swirled around his body. For a moment, Robert became lost in the awkward beauty of the world; his heart stopped when he noticed Penny and her dazzling smile, along with Josiah’s laughter. How he adored these two individuals and would do anything in his power to protect and be with them.

    Opening up the car door for both Josiah and Penny, Robert’s thoughts trailed back to his brief encounter that evening with Junior. How his sister still kept ‘secrets’ and Georgie’s forever secret moments of continuing to worry for his daughter. Robert would prove him wrong and finally allow Penny to trust him enough to finally remove the chains that held her back for so long. Robert would be strong. For the both of them.

    And tonight, he’d prove it to them all.

    enter image description here

    Any questions, you know the drill. :3 Had time today. My one day off this week but starting next Monday, I have my 2 week vacation! Yay! I gotta say, going to be nice hanging out with my 4 lovely ladies. :) Christmas is almost here, too! Got everything wrapped and ready to go! Got New Years plans, too. Wifey is going to have a blast! Little Emily's birthday is next month, too. Gosh...a year already. My baby girl is growing up too fast for me. :') Time sure did fly by this year. Hope ya'll are having great weeks so far. Happy Monday!! :D

  • I really liked this chapter. Gren and his mouth are always fantastic lol. Emily keeping Gren calm is always interesting to read. She must have her charisma stat at ten with the black widow perk lol XD

    Junior seems like a really awesome guy. Not to mention he's badass as well! Also one of Katie's daughters MAY have time travel O.o Quick someone get Maxine from Life is Strange, she can tell the little one how mind blowing it can be, I know it was for me lmao.

    Josiah is adorable, I thought my family was the only people to say Nana and such :p So Josiah gets a gold star from me :D

    Penny wore a simple black dress that was very fitting against her figure


    You've been one busy been so you deserve it dude! It is hard to imagine it's been a year already, seems like yesterday I was in my dorm XD Besides doing rather pointless testing today my Monday was pretty good! Start Physical Therapy Wednesday. My sister's birthday is on Friday as well as the season finale of Norogami Aragato! I'd say it's gonna be a fantastic week!

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    “Woot…” Emily, placing a pan of meatloaf into the oven, was baffled. On the phone with Katie, the jet black haired beauty circl

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    I'm in love with Gremily. I always thought it was interesting that Emily could relax Gren like that, considering he's a walking time bomb. I love them to no end and it made me laugh when Katie had her gossip moment. XD Brad, too!! I'm glad Gren did not freak they're dating but rather that Robert felt the need to hide it. And then there is Robert. Poor guy is so unsure of how the night will plan out. I'm freaking out just thinking of what Georgie will say or do. I hope he'll be alright. :) Thought what Junior said was so true; we want to think of that person's feelings but forget about how those around us must feel. I've always loved Junior, though. :)

    And Josiah. :) I love this kid. And Penny in that black dress....wowza!! She's a firecracker, yes she is. ;) I liked the ending, too. How Robert will prove he'll be strong for Penny. I look forward to the next chapter!! And your 2 week vacation sounds like a blast!! Have fun, whatever it is you have planned!! Also, little Emily will be 1!! :D Time did fly by!! As for me, busy with finals, work and my own family. :) Happy Monday to you!!

    OH!! And I aodre those pictures, too!!!! <3 The top one, though. XD XD

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    “Woot…” Emily, placing a pan of meatloaf into the oven, was baffled. On the phone with Katie, the jet black haired beauty circl

  • Okay I finally managed to comment back to this post! XD Indeed, Emily has always been able to calm the big guy down. I mentioned this a lot in their tale and even showed some past scenes. ;) She still has her way, though, when it comes to Gren. <3 Georgie JR is a total badass with a heart of gold like his mom. :3 And yes; little Hope has the ability to do this and I'll PROBABLY cover more later into the chapters. After doing a bit of some searching about, found out Jersey's mom was a Witch, according to his legend, soooooo.....going to see what I can do with that. AND Max is the shit, hands down! :D Yes, nana and papa are heavily used in this family, so Josiah sends you back another gold star because he too thought he was the only family to do this.

    Careful what you wish for, my good man. She might be wearing JUST a bow, if you know what I mean. ;)

    I have been stupidly busy but that's life. Glad to know you're doing much better and here is to a really speedy recovery. Time has flown by and it's just amazing how so much has change. :) And a happy bday to your sister!! Hope you guys gets lots of cake and ice cream!! :D Not sure what show that is but it sounds wicked bad!! :D

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    I really liked this chapter. Gren and his mouth are always fantastic lol. Emily keeping Gren calm is always interesting to read. S

  • They too have become a favorite of mine, ever since their tale. :3 As I mentioned to Tetra above, Emily was always able to do this, even as a child. I'll dig deeper into Brad's past and Katie is indeed a gossip queen. :) I'll also cover more about Robert, his past and how it ties into Penny. Junior is always trying to look out for the ones he love. :3

    Thanks, my good man. Looking forward to the vaca myself. I'm so exhausted. XP

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    I'm in love with Gremily. I always thought it was interesting that Emily could relax Gren like that, considering he's a walking ti

  • I LOVED IT! I haven't been around in a while, but I came on to see how things were going and reading this chapter was REALLY awesome! I love all the Porgie girls, even gossip queen Katie XD This was great, man! And the pictures were fantastic, too! Josiah looks so cute and I also love the first picture with RJ and the crew :D

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    I really liked this chapter. Gren and his mouth are always fantastic lol. Emily keeping Gren calm is always interesting to read. S

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    THINK you might have replied to Tetra instead of me. XD Fear not, for even he can say the Porgie girls are awesome, too. XD I love all my girls, tbh; there maybe one or two that are my ultimate favorites-even the boys, too-but in the end, I adore them all. Glad you liked both the pics and chapter. :3

    It's all good, Ems. We've all been pretty busy. I find SOME tme during the week to try and post a chap. Have work, kids, plus other hobbies I like to do, not to mention hanging out with friends and so forth. Hope all is well with you. :)

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    I LOVED IT! I haven't been around in a while, but I came on to see how things were going and reading this chapter was REALLY aweso

  • Emily is so awesome lol. If I had to pick a favorite He'd probably be it, but I love all them :3 What!? That's awesome! Hope is definitely gonna be rad! Yes, made friends with Josiah XD

    Dude...I'd be able to die happily seeing that lmfao!

    Life is strange like that lol, my dad was freakishly busy one year the next it was pretty laid-back so who knows next year! XD It really is, the changes that we've gone through and the world is pretty amazing. She says thanks! I have no idea what she'll have because I won't be with them when they go to the a hotel for the night. I really like it, but when I looked it up it got really mixed reviews lol people either really liked it or hated it. XD The opening songs are phenomenal though so it's a plus!

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    Okay I finally managed to comment back to this post! XD Indeed, Emily has always been able to calm the big guy down. I mentioned t

  • Ah crap, stupid internet thingy (my way of describing our school's chromebooks XD). But yeah, I loved it soo much! And same, I got the work and the hobbies and friends and stuff I deal with a little more than going on here, though I do like to come by every once in a while :) Everything's going good, though I find myself becoming more and more 'adult' I guess you can say. I'm happy it's almost Christmas! I bet Emily's excited! And the other girls are soooo precious ohmygod! Are they identical or fraternal? I can never tell with babies XD Congrats again, by the way. I bet you've got your hands full with them.

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    THINK you might have replied to Tetra instead of me. XD Fear not, for even he can say the Porgie girls are awesome, too. XD I love

  • LOL I figured you made a little whoopsie but it happens. Still all good. :) Glad you loved it. Yeah, same with me. I honestly find myself coming on here and writing less and less; I still do it but I've been so busy and have other priorities now, unlike a year ago, when this occupied most of my time. XD Glad to hear work and school are going great and I'm sooooo ready for Christmas. Emily KINDA gets that it's Christmas and it's a big deal; I give her a year or so and she'll figure out just why it's a huge deal. :3 And I hear ya' on the adult thing but it happens. :) Katie and Olivia are indeed precious! I love them sooooo much!!! <3 They are identical; Tammy and I have found out one thing the other girl does not have; Katie has my odd shapped feet, where as Olivia has her mom's feet. Sounds odd, I know but it's there. XD not to mention Olivia does NOT like bows in her hair already. XD XD Funny seeing her face.....poor thing has my face. lol

    thank you, though. I appreciate it. :) I'm a happy man. I love my girls and if it's all I get, then so be it. :) I'm happy with my life: work is great, married to my best friend, have 3 beautiful daughters with her, a home, loud but loveable BFF, pets and my health. My hands are full, yes but you know...I wouldn't trade my life for anything.

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    Ah crap, stupid internet thingy (my way of describing our school's chromebooks XD). But yeah, I loved it soo much! And same, I got

  • Early Christmas Eve Special

    December 24, 1985

    A young man with silver hair sat up. He looked to his left and noticed his girlfriend wasn't there, which was normal she was probably at work. He stretched and got up out of bed, he walked into his apartments bathroom to take a shower. Before he walked in he checked outside to see that the blizzard had let up and now the snow was falling slowly, he thought it looked beautiful. Walking into the bathroom he turned on the light and looked into the mirror, his crimson eyes stood out a lot although he was a vampire so it made sense. He turned on the shower and got in. Today was pretty special, it was Christmas Eve but also the day he was going to propose, which he never thought he would do. As the water ran down his body he tried to calm down, however he's done this many times and he still acted nervous. He gave himself a small slap in the face and tried to give himself a boost in courage which was mildly out of character. Turning off the shower he stepped out and dried off, looking back in the mirror he came to the conclusion that he'll always look apathetic no matter how much he tries to change otherwise, which he didn't care for and oddly enough his girlfriend liked it.

    Walking out of the bathroom steam poured out of the room as the young man walked into his closet and picked out his clothes. He decided to wear a light gray double-breasted jacket, dark pants, and a khaki turtleneck sweater with black sneakers. Looking out of his window he noticed that the wind wasn't howling so he skipped out on the hat. Walking out into the kitchen he noticed a note. He picked it up and began reading.

    Dear Kieron: Hope you find this letter, I know you sometimes walk out blindly without seeing my notes ;p I'm excited for our date tonight because I have a surprise for you! :3 I get off work early today thanks to Renae, she's probably the best boss ever! :D So stop by when you pick up your paycheck from Georgie and we can go on our date! :) Love You! Olivia.

    Kieron grinned and put the note down, Olivia always loved drawing faces when they wrote notes to each other, it always made him smile when the pictures she drew came to life on paper and moved, sadly Kieron couldn't draw so he never drew faces back. He pulled out the ring he bought her and got a little sad, he thought she deserved better than him yet she stuck by him even on the darkest of days and all he could provide her with was a ring with a small diamond, which he spent all his savings he set aside for. He wondered if she'd laugh at him and decline, he sighed and shook his head. He's always been a pessimist and always assumed the worst. He took a deep breathe and walked outside...

    Lockwood Library...

    Olivia walked around the library putting books into their rightful place. The library was empty today which Olivia thought was normal since Christmas was tomorrow. Olivia saw Renae flagging her down. Olivia nodded and walked over to Renae who was sitting down at the one table in the library. Olivia knew she wanted to hear about her and Kieron, her facial expression said it all. Olivia sat down, took out her pencil and small notebook.

    "What's up, Renae? Shouldn't we be..." Renae cut her off.

    "Oh to hell with the library, you gotta tell me your secret!" Renae said excitingly.

    Olivia felt embarassed. " is nothing...big." Olivia said with a french accent.

    "You're getting married!?" Renae asked.

    Olivia shook her head "No...I am pregnant." Olivia said boldly.

    Renae jumped up in excitement "What!? Oh that's amazing!!! You and me have got to go shopping soon."

    Just then the bell on the door rang. Olivia covered Renae's mouth and hid a shelf...

    Kieron walked into the library and looked around and saw nobody here. Just as he took a step back he saw a woman with long curly black hair, red eyes, about his height which was six feet tall, and slim build. She wore black round glasses, short black peacoat, a white scarf, and white pants, along with black boots. The woman was holding a small notebook and a pencil on her ear. Kieron tilted his head and smiled.

    "Yo, Olivia." He said simply.

    The woman ran and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Kieron! You are here early, Mon chéri!" Olivia said excitedly kissing him on the lips.

    Renae giggle "Oh, get a room you two!"

    Olivia laughed with a embarrassed look on her face. "I am so sorry Renae!"

    Renae shook her head. "No apologies needed, now you two get out of here I'm closing shop." She said with a sincere smile.

    Kieron shrugged "You heard the lady, she might call Bigby on us." he said sarcastically.

    Olivia giggled and held his hand. "Lead the way!"

    Kieron and Olivia walked out of the library together into the snowy afternoon. They walked Fabletown streets together as the snow slowly dropped. Normally Olivia always wrote her conversations in her small notebook along with her drawings. Although she used to write down her and Kieron's conversations she stopped during the war as she liked having the 'once in a lifetime' conversations. Olivia got closer and rested her head on his shoulder.

    "So how was Georgie? He did not mind you were taking the night off?" Olivia asked.

    Kieron shook his head. "Nah, I told him Ren would cover for me." Kieron said.

    "Ren is a pretty good guy huh?" Olivia said.

    Kieron nodded. "Yeah he's pretty great." Kieron said smiling at Olivia.

    Olivia poked his side. "So, I assume that since you showed up you read my note?" Olivia grinned

    Kieron chuckled. "Yes I did. I loved it." Kieron said

    "Good." Olivia said in a proud tone.

    Kieron pointed to a coffee shop. "Want to get hot chocolate before we get to the park?"

    Olivia nodded. "Sure, Mon chéri!"

    Kieron and Olivia sat down in a booth and ordered. Kieron was curious as to what Olivia had as a surprise so he decided to ask.

    "So, what's your surprise? Normally you don't do surprises." Kieron said

    Olivia felt like she got hit in the gut. "Oh um..." Olivia began panic.

    "It's fine, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked." Kieron said.

    Olivia took a deep breath. "Can we wait until we get to the park then I can tell you?" Olivia said smiling.

    Kieron nodded. "Okay."

    Olivia tilted her head and held his hand. "Are you alright, Kieron? You have been acting weird this past week?" Olivia asked

    Kieron smiled. "I'm fine, don't worry about it."

    Olivia nodded "Okay."

    They were served their hot chocolate, they both looked out the window and watched the snow fall. Kieron loved the snow, it was his favorite time of the year, akthough he felt as though he felt different about seasons before. Olivia could see the confused look on his face, it saddens her about what happened but she could only do so much. As soon as they finished their drinks Kieron left some money on the table and he and Olivia left the shop to head towards the park.

    At the park...

    Kieron and Olivia sat down on a bench. The both of them felt completely at ease as the snow fell down around them. Kieron wrapped his arm around Olivia and smiled at her. Olivia smiled back and kissed him on the forehead. That's when her face turned red and she looked ahead.

    "Kieron...I do not think I've ever been this scared in a long time." Olivia said.

    Kieron tilted his head. "Why?" Kieron asked

    Olivia kept looking forward. "Because, I am afraid you will leave me." Olivia said in a worried tone

    Well that makes two of us. He thought, He shook his head. "It will take a lot to get me to do that." Kieron said

    Olivia turned and looked Kieron in the eye. "Kieron I am pregnant!"

    Kieron was hit with shock and was not able to speak from it. After a couple seconds he got up and turned towards her. "Well, I guess I can't just be a father." He said reaching into his pocket. He got down on one knee. "I know it's a rather pathetic ring but I'd like to have the honor of being your husband as well as a father!" He said.

    Olivia nodded "Yes! Absolutely, Mon chéri!" Olivia said standing up.

    Kieron put the ring on her finger and stood up. "You like the ring?" Kieron asked.

    Olivia hugged him and kissed him. "I love it!" Olivia said tears rolling down her face

    Kieron smiled "I'm glad to hear it." Kieron said.

    That's it! Hope you all enjoy this. Also hope everyone has a rad christmas (If you celebrate it)/ rad holiday week! If you're French and I fucked up royally on the French feel free to yell at me and tell me the correct words XD Working on Kieron and Olivia drawings but it's sooooo hard Lmao! I have drawings of them by themselves that I will probably post to DA when I re-draw and polish them up. Got PT tomorrow so I probably may not respond to replies for a bit!

  • Merry Christmas, friends!

    I got a new phone, and so my first iPhone was named Rose Red, my second one was Snow White (how could I not??) And now my NEW iPhone is Harmony! Yay! Got a 5s (Finally T-T), ordered some cases and stuff online :) Very happy this Christmas. Hope all is well with everyone else's holidays!

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    Same to you as well! Besides, you beat me to it in wishing the others a Merry Christmas anyway. :P

    Have you really? I assume your previous phone case colors complimented their names too? ;)

    EMMYPESS posted: »

    Merry Christmas, friends! I got a new phone, and so my first iPhone was named Rose Red, my second one was Snow White (how could

  • VERY late reply but happy holidays to you and the others as well. Had a wonderful day with the fam. Got a lot of awesome things for the girls and my wife. (The girls were spoiled this holiday season. XD) Ready for New Year's and all that jazz. Those names are awesome and congrats on your new addition. :) iPhones are awesome!

    EMMYPESS posted: »

    Merry Christmas, friends! I got a new phone, and so my first iPhone was named Rose Red, my second one was Snow White (how could

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    enter image description here

    ~Friday night. Porgie household.~

    Lyla Porgie, wearing a loose fitting yellow sundress and Ugg boots reaches to her left, grabs a spoon and dips into a rather large pan. Tasting the contents within, she is pleased with the final result, takes out the pan and covers the meal with foil. A little radio near the oven plays Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ and this jingle causes Lyla to tap her foot and begin to sing. She clutches her rapidly growing belly and heads towards several freshly bakes loaves of bread, all cooling near a slightly ajar window.

    “GEORGIE!” Lyla begins to cut into the bread. “GEORGIE! Do you have all the tables prepared?”

    Struggling with a large table cloth, Georgie tries to maneuver around the material. He managed to open half but the other side was being difficult and causing the Fable headache and the need for a Beer.

    “It’s bein’ rather difficult at the moment, love.”

    “You need help sweetie?”

    Lyla did not receive an answer at first and this made her curious as to what exactly Georgie was doing. But within seconds, all she heard were a few f bombs, another list of some rather interesting words and finally, the crinkling of the table cloth. Lyla attempted to keep her composure. She strokes her belly while placing the neatly sliced pieces of bread on a platter.

    “Your daddy is an interesting person to have around when we’re trying to make dinner…”

    Stomping his feet, Georgie enters the kitchen and sits nearby Lyla. Placing his hands over his eyes, Georgie rubs them furiously and glances over at his wife.

    “Love, we should really invest in a party planner or somethin’ fa’ these kinds of things.”

    Lyla could no longer hold back and begins to chuckle. “You look as red as the Christmas lights on the tree, dear.”

    “I’m serious, love. Ya’ know I hate decoratin’ like that. I’m bloody content sittin’ in the livin’ room and-”

    “Georgie, we never get to do things like this as a family very often these days. And, if you have not notices, our little clan has doubled in size since the kids all married and took mates of their own. Katie alone has an army.”

    Georgie turns around to face his wife. He was amazed by her radiant beauty; the thought of them creating another set of little lives left the Fable beaming and wishing to hold her close. Lifting himself up from the chair, he’d do just that; Georgie wraps his arms around Lyla and pulls her against his chest. He gently kisses the side of her neck and sighs.

    “I know, love. Guess I’m just a wee bit on edge ta’night….”

    “A little, sweetie? You’ve been worried about this night since your daughter stopped by a few days ago…This has nothing to do with decorations OR that silly fight you had in there with the table cloth.”

    Georgie should have known better. Always one step ahead. “No but….it’s easier ta’ blame somethin’ else.”

    “Georgie, please.” Lyla faces her husband and grabs his face with both hands. “Please. I NEED you to try and be open about this. I don’t want to push her away or cause trouble within this family. We’ve all finally put aside all the bllshit and are looking forward, not back.”

    Georgie looks away. This was more difficult than anything he’d ever come across in all the years he dwelled in this world. The music continued to play nearby and the increasing smell of potatoes, meat and bread lingered in the air.

    “Do ya’ need help, love?” Georgie sighs, hoping to avoid the topic. “Ya’ shouldn’t be on ya’ feet so much. It’s not good fa’ the babies.”

    Lyla sighs. Hopefully her husband could put aside all feelings and aim it at the one thing that mattered the most. For now, she grabs his hand and squeezes it against her own.

    “They’re fine, sweetie. I promise. I’ve been nibbling here and there, making sure it’s all ready to go.”

    “Hmmm, let me try….” Georgie tears off a piece from the meat. “Oh...oh my God, love. This is delicious. Mmmm! I could bloody smell it in the living room but fook….woot is this again?”

    “A roasted leg of Lamb. It’s an old recipe my mom, grandmother AND great grandmother use to cook on special occasions like this. It’s so simple, yet has the many flavors you’d expect in a cooked piece of meat.”

    “I’ll say.” Georgie licks his finger, taking a nearby glass and pouring himself some wine. “Fook, this is very tasty. Well, if you say you’re alright, then I’ll leave ya’ to that. I’ll go back inside Hell and try ta’ tackle that fookin’ shit ba’fore the kids all get ‘ere.”

    Lyla blows Georgie a kiss, watches him catch it in midair and head back to his task. While Lyla finished the final preparations for the dinner, Georgie sighs, places the glass down and spreads out the cloth. As he straightens out the crinkles edges, he glances over at a nearby portrait of his kids; all the pictures were hung on the wall, ranging from the time the kids were babies up until a few from a month to three weeks ago. Georgie felt the lump developing in his throat. The sudden urge to cry but the tears were of happiness and feelings of blessed. Touching the glass, Georgie stares at the smiles of all his children.

    “Look at ya’ all.” Georgie felt the warmth of the tears forming. “All of ya’ grew up so fookin’ fast fa’ me...I still see ya’ all like this sometimes and I fa’get ya’ not be my babies anymore, although I’d like ta’ believe ya’ all be still.”

    Georgie traces his finger across the glass. Some of the photos contained all the kids in one group photo, while others held them individually. Katie, Junior, Amelia, Penelope, Peter and Ethan. He finds one picture that caught his eye. Penny in a bright pink dress, pigtails and two front teeth missing, holds up a popsicle; this was during his daughter’s Friday night ‘girl’ time and this was taken while the girls ate their treats and watched movies. Georgie remembers taking the picture; his freckled face daughter beaming with glee and anxious to take more and more that night. As he looks across the many years, he noticed her smile slowly dwindle until the most recent one caught his eye. How forced it felt, even as Georgie stood and stared at it.

    “Woot happened, Penny?” Georgie finally breaks down, grabbing at the table cloth. “I don’t know woot ta’ do fa’ ya’, if ya’ don’t talk ta’ me…”

    Georgie stood there alone and in silence for a moment. He looked up at another photo. This time, it was one of his deceased son, Ethan. Georgie wipes his eyes and grabs the picture.

    “Help ya’ old man out, kiddo.” Georgie kisses the glass, pressing the image against his chest. “Help ya’ old man out ta’night. Help me ta’ see through ya’ sista’s eyes. Help ya’ sista out too, Ethan. I won’t let this world take her…”

    Lyla almost called out Georgie’s name until she caught him leaning against the wall, holding the picture of Ethan. He continued the conversation on as if Ethan was standing right before his face. Grabbing her belly once more, Lyla inches away and allows Georgie a few more minutes to truly think about tonight and what this was really all about.

    The first to arrive back home was Katie and Jersey, along with their thirteen girls. Each embrace their loved ones and take to the den; the older girls chatter amongst themselves and scroll through their facebook, while the younger girls sit before the television and watch a holiday special. Jersey and Georgie head outside, coats clinging to their body and brace the cold lingering in the air. In each of their hands, a Beer and cigarette. Katie, eager to begin the process of questions, aides her mother in the kitchen.

    While the last dozen rolls bake in the oven and the Lamb settle in the roasting pan, Katie pours herself a glass of Merlot and sits beside her mother. Reaching over, the young woman gently caresses the protruding belly and chuckles when a tiny kick responds to her touch.

    “My God, you doubled in size the last time I saw you.” Katie continues to stroke along the fabric of Lyla’s dress. “Are you SURE it’s just triplets?”

    Yes, Katherine. We counted three little bundles in here. They’re just really big babies-you kids were like this, too. I honestly thought there was more than just four during my first pregnancy. I bombarded Swineheart….I know I did. That man was so patient with me, though. But I can assure you, there are three.”

    “So, you have their names picked out or-”

    “We do but we’d like to wait for the rest of the family.” Lyla chuckles, patting her daughter’s hand. “You DO have other siblings, you know.”

    “BAH, they don’t count, so long as your favorite child hears the news first.”

    Lyla rolls her eyes and carefully lifts herself up and heads for the oven. Katie follows not too far behind, continuing to drink her wine. “Stop saying that, Katie. You know I don’t have favorites. I love all my children.”

    “Yeah, yeah. I know, mom. Just giving you a hard time is all…..Just can’t believe you’re pregnant. Ew….”

    “EW, young lady?” Lyla glances at her daughter. “What do you mean, ew?”

    “Not that THEY are ew or you are but the idea that you and know...still have sex.”

    “Katherine…” Lyla attempted to sound angry but the corners of her mouth curved quickly into a smile. Seconds later, a giggle. “Really? THAT is what is making you shudder as such? The idea that your father and I STILL engage in intercourse?”

    “UGH, stop!” Katie laughs, trying to cover her ears. “Sorry I even brought that up! I mean, I KNOW how we all got here-not to mention I have thirteen girls in there as proof of my knowledge for the Birds and the Bees-but you two are old and-”

    “Old, young lady? We’re old now?” Lyla snickers while she checks the Lamb. “Look. You’re an adult woman now and you know how these things work. I know all you kids have sex with your partners and’s a beautiful thing, Katherine. You DON’T need to know this, yes but you need to know that your parents DO love one another and still find sex to be not only a way to bring children into this world but become intimate. Let everything go and show our raw emotions. Become one, bare our naked souls and allow trust to flow through.”

    “Shit, mom. Getting all poetic on me now.”

    “I understand you’re being a typical daughter and what not. I don’t like knowing certain things about my own parents but there are times, I suppose, you want to believe that connections like sex never truly die as the years go on. I’m sure you and Jersey still have it.”

    “Yes….” Katie could feel the heat grow on her cheeks. “Course we do, mom.”

    “Alright. Just like your siblings and their significant others. Do I NEED to know the details? No. But it’s nice knowing my children are so in love with their partners, that something as sex does not make them cringe and no matter at what age, they still find one another irresistible as they day they first laid in bed as one….”

    Katie beams, watching her mother lovingly place a hand above the bump. Everything her mother mentioned tonight was one of the reasons Katie idolized Lyla. Craved to be identical to the woman before her. She was always honest, especially towards her children. Conversations as the one they held tonight would have easily been avoided in any other household but not here. There was no such thing as secrets anymore and Katie strived to be that way towards her own family.

    “So, still think I’m ‘old’, Katherine?”

    “Nah.” Katie finishes off her wine. “Forget I even mentioned that, mom. Seeing you happy is enough for me. Can’t wait to know what my younger sibling’s names will be.”

    “Well, enough of this sex talk for the evening. Here-help me get this food over to the table. The others should be here soon.”

    One by one, all the remainder of the clan arrived to their childhood home. Next, was Peter, Holly, Lily Faith and their youngest addition, Marcus. The little Wolf pup scrambled in his seat, eager to crawl on the floor and interact with his family. Georgie grabs the squirming boy, embraces both Holly and Peter and plants a kiss on Lily’s forehead. As the group begins a conversation beside the fire, another member arrives.

    Junior and Mary enter the home, each carrying a dish of assorted treats for the family. the older children, George and Sheila, remove their jackets and joins Katie’s girls in the den. Twin girls Aubrey and Sophia were not interested in Lyla’s belly, while the second set of twins, Damien and Haylee, race towards the fire and playfully fight on who got to sit beside their papa Georgie. While Junior placed the desserts in the kitchen, Mary takes the bottle of wine and joins Lyla, Katie and Holly in the kitchen, while the men caught up on various stories and the kids played together.

    Ten minutes later, Emily and Gren make their way to the house. The quads rush into the home and begin the process of peeling off shoes and jackets.

    “Hang them ALL up, kids.” Gren eyes his group, all anxious to join their family. “We don’t need ANYONE tripping, especially your nana.”

    “Did she have the babies yet, mommy?” Viviana brushes a strand of hair back, while hanging up her coat. “Are they here yet?”

    “Not yet, love. Almost, though. Why don’t ya’ four go say hello ta’ all ya’ uncles, aunts, nana and papa, then ya’ can go play.”

    “Yes ma’am.”

    While the quads venture off towards the group, Gren on the triplets;each of the girls are fully awake, gnawing on their fingers and cooing when they take notice of Gren’s smile.

    “HEY, there they are.” Gren picks up Aaliyah first. “We all awake now?”

    Kneeling to pick Brooklynn, Emily watches Gren fish into the third carrier and pulls out the final girl, Calla Rose.

    “You got her, Emily?”

    “I’m fine, love.” Emily smiles, placing Brooklynn against her breast. “My little squirmy wormy is finally awake and ready ta’ see everyone ta’night.”

    Mary peeks around the corner, still holding a half empty bottle of wine in her hands. “HEY, I thought I heard another British fool come into this house! How are you, Emily? Grendel?” Mary plants her hand on Emily’s stomach. “Shit! Can’t tell who’s larger, you or your mom. Need a hand?”

    To both Emily and Lyla, it was hilarious being pregnant together; she was barely three months, whereas her mother was nearing eight. It was a wonderful feeling, though, that both could honestly say brought them closer.

    Emily chuckles, allowing Mary to lead the way into the kitchen. “Nah, we got this, Mary. Nice ta’ see ya’, too.”

    Not too far behind the couple, was Brad and RJ. RJ closes the front door, just as Brad begins the process of shaking off some of the snow from his mohawk.

    “Really, Bradley?” Annoyed, RJ hangs up his jacket. “I wasn’t aware Vampires removed snow off from their bodies like Wolves do. Or Dogs…”

    Brad holds up his middle finger, just as RJ chuckles and pats his back. “See this, Grendel? This is me not giving two fucks or falling into your ‘way’ of seeing society.”

    “What the fuck are you talking about?”

    “I’M a proud Vamp, that likes to embrace other species. Cultures. SORRY you’re so closed minded about these things, my dear but I like to think I’m NOT just one thing.”

    RJ takes Brad’s hand and guides the bumbling fool towards his family. “I don’t know what was in that sandwich but glad to know you’re ‘open’ to other things, Brad.”

    “Damn right. Damn right.”

    All secretly anticipated, however, for the final guest. Penny, Josiah and their third addition, Robert. Even Gren was yearning to see the various reactions that would come from their coming. While he rocked his daughter, Gren privately worried for his older brother and how Georgie would truly react tonight. Even as the group sat around the fire, drinking and talking about random topics, Gren noticed the glance Georgie sent his way, along with his wristwatch and occasionally, the living room window. Although Gren adored Georgie, Lyla and those around him, he’d have to protect his brother, should something go down tonight. He prayed it wouldn’t come to this. Looking around, however, seemed like they were all secretly waiting to see Penny and her new arm candy.

    Pulling into the driveway, Robert parks his truck beside three trash cans and beneath a brightly lit porch light beside the garage. He removes the key and assists Penny from her seat. Josiah leaves the warmth of the vehicle and enters a world slowly becoming enveloped in snow; his boots crunched against the fresh powder, while his hot breathing creates little puffs of steams around his mouth and nose. Penny clings tightly to Robert as he grabs the gifts and dish. The cold surprisingly did not bother Robert, so the beast was more than willing to wrap one of his massive arms around Penny and hold her close to his body.

    “Take my hand, Josiah. We don’t need you being blown away by the wind and snow.”

    Josiah sticks out his tongue, hoping to catch a flake. “Is it true, mommy?”

    “What is, baby?”

    “That snowflakes are not all the same? That can’t be right….there are so many of them! One is bond to be identical.”

    Penny laughs. “Well, it’s like people, baby. Fables. We all have something different. No one is the same, even twins. There will always be that ONE thing, that makes me special and unique, just like the snowflakes.”

    Josiah turns to Robert for his take on the question. “Yeah, Robert?”

    Robert nods, opening the front door for the pair. “Your mom is right, kiddo. Even things like snowflakes are not the same. Pretty neat, huh? I think so.”

    “Me too.” Josiah takes off his jacket, lines it with the others and removes his boots. “I’d like to think that.”

    “Good. Now, go say hello to your papa, nana, aunts, uncles-the whole circus-and THEN, you may go play with your cousins.”

    “Yes mommy. See you in there, Robert.”

    The little raven haired boy takes off into the direction of the booming laughter. Grabbing Robert’s hand, Penny gazes up into the man’s dark green eyes. She could see the a tiny fragment of anxiety but behind that, a glimmer of hope and determination. Her tiny fingers wrapped along his own.

    “You ready, Robert?”

    “Yes.” It was now or never. “I’ve been ready, baby.”


    “Nah.” Robert kisses Penny’s cheek and leads her towards the family. “Me, nervous? I got this….”

    Robert felt his stomach turn. His face growing warm and the pace of his beating heart. Penny knew he was lying but the black haired beauty clung to his arm and soon, the pair stood beneath the doorway and within seconds, all eyes were facing them. Robert was expecting pitchforks and a very angry British man, screaming vile names and threats. Robert could not blame Georgie. But instead, he was presented with a loving hug from Lyla, hand shakes from Penny’s brothers; his son’s loving embrace, Brad’s typical smartass remarks and finally, to his surprise, a welcoming Georgie.

    “Hey daddy.” First, Penny hugs Georgie. “Oh it’s so good to see you.”

    “Glad ya’ made it safe and sound, love. Oh how I miss ya’ so….” Georgie releases his hold on Penny, faces Robert and holds out his hand. “Welcome, Robert. Glad ta’ see ya’, my old friend….”

    “Georgie….” Robert shakes, returning the gesture. “Thank you. Nice to see you again. Thanks again for the invite.”

    Just as the duo begin a slow pace towards the kitchen, Lyla confirms dinner was ready and everything was set. Georgie continues to walk beside Robert, with Penny not too far and hoping for the best. She prayed within her mind and heart and while she watched her father and Robert enter the kitchen, she paused near a table with Ethan’s picture, surrounded by Lilies and several candles. She touches the glass and tries to hold back the tears but allows her smile to grow.

    “Thanks, Ethan. Just a little bit longer, though. Wish you were here….”

    Any questions, you know the drill. :3

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  • Actually yes XD My Rose Red had a pinkish-red case, and thats why I named it that. Snow White didn't have a corresponding case color, but the phone itself was black, so I correlated it to Snow's hair, and the fact that my previous phone was her sister XD This new phone is a white phone and I haven't gotten a case for it yet, but I HAVE ordered a few nice ones for cheap. Harmony just felt right to me so that is its name :D Although maybe this one SHOULD have been Rose, because it has Rose Gold metal plating on the back, lmao XD And Merry Christmas, again :)

    Same to you as well! Besides, you beat me to it in wishing the others a Merry Christmas anyway. :P Have you really? I assume your previous phone case colors complimented their names too?

  • VERY late reply to your reply XD Glad all went well, and I hope the girls love their gifts (Even though the twins are a little young to understand the concept yet XD) My phone is really nice, and I'm so glad I finally got it. SO much better than the last one. So, I got some money for christmas, and I figured "What the hell, lets online shop!" So as i sat downstairs with my family and had fun and stuff, I bought a FABLES T-Shirt from amazon! I'm so excited for it to arrive, it should come January. Maybe I'll share a pick of me wearing it when it comes. I hope it fits well, I ordered my approximate size.

    my love, my life

    pudding_pie posted: »

    VERY late reply but happy holidays to you and the others as well. Had a wonderful day with the fam. Got a lot of awesome things fo

  • Side note- I'm not too keen on wearing black often, so I figure this'll be a shirt I wear every now and again. I'm not really a t-shirt person either, but whatever, lol. I usually wear them to bed more than anything. Still, I'm super happy with my purchase <3

    EMMYPESS posted: »

    VERY late reply to your reply XD Glad all went well, and I hope the girls love their gifts (Even though the twins are a little you

  • Although they're still so young, it was nice to have my kids, wife and friends around. iPhones are indeed wonderful and glad you had the extra $$$ to by yourself something nice. :) That shirt is pretty badass, if I do say so myself! I love tshirts; I got two customed made for myself and one has Georgie, while the other has Gren. This looks awesome! At least you'll wear it! XD I know some people that buy things and don't wear it.

    Glad you had a wonderful holiday season. :D

    EMMYPESS posted: »

    Side note- I'm not too keen on wearing black often, so I figure this'll be a shirt I wear every now and again. I'm not really a t-

  • Same to you, my good man! :D Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!!

    MasterStone posted: »

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  • Ah... choices, choices. Well, whichever name preferences suit your case colors the best. :) Although in my opinion, you should name the black phone case Harmony and the white one Snow - but again - whatever you want.

    AND a Merry late Christmas to you! Hehe.

    EMMYPESS posted: »

    Actually yes XD My Rose Red had a pinkish-red case, and thats why I named it that. Snow White didn't have a corresponding case col

  • Same to you! :D Sorry this is really late, my internet been really really bad for some reason but we seemed to have gotten it fixed now.

    That's cool how you name your devices after them! I just upgraded to the Note 5 from the HTC One at the beginning of the month!

    Hope you and everyone else has a good New Years!

    EMMYPESS posted: »

    Merry Christmas, friends! I got a new phone, and so my first iPhone was named Rose Red, my second one was Snow White (how could

  • Hey whats going on?!

    EMMYPESS posted: »

    Hey guys

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    enter image description here


    As you all know, Robert & Penelope Porgie are together. Her family accepts their love and both finally no longer have to hide their true feelings for one another. Penny finally understands her prophecy as being the Black Knight; she's a Reaper for Death himself and is responsible for removing old lives, in place for new life. She's capable of visiting both heaven and hell, where she's in constant contact with Ethan. She'll be the one to 'end' her own family's life when the time comes but Death assures her it won't be for thousands of years. Robert becomes a 'White' Knight and works beside both Death and Penelope; when a soul is removed from this world and various others, Robert travels and replenishes the loss with joy of a new life. Together, he and Penny control the balance of life and Death.

    Together, they have 7 kids. (RJ and Josiah included)

    enter image description here

    Bento and River are Grendels, Michael is their only Wolf pup; April is an Elf like Robert's mother, with a touch of magic and Ruby is a simple Fable with red hair that reminds Penny of her lost aunt, Carla. Ruby, however, is nothing like Carla. RJ is currently dating Brad and both work beside Katie and the Wolf community. They tend to 'special' missions and have even taken on the role as 'superheros' for the fallen Folkers. They are in the process of adopting 4 siblings.

    Georgie and Lyla have welcomed triplets: Cole (Wolf), Jeremiah (troll) and Savannah (Wolf) I'll cover more in future projects. :)

    I'll be continuing the story soon on both my DA and account.

    I want to skip forward and tackle the family more.

  • I'm glad you'll be continuing the tale but sad it won't be on this thread. I'll make sure to look out for it on your DA and also your fanfic account.

    I love these pictures! I thought the top was amazing, not to mention the kids. Ruby is my favorite already but the Grendel boys are too cute! I can't wait to find out more!

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    Update As you all know, Robert & Penelope Porgie are together. Her family accepts their love and both finally no longer hav

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    You've been going on Fanfiction again? Nice... I should consider logging on there to post or comment on something more.

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    Update As you all know, Robert & Penelope Porgie are together. Her family accepts their love and both finally no longer hav

  • So I'm creating a poster for Fables in my graphics class in school. I'll share it when I finish <3 Also, thinking of posting some little fics on here in the future if anyone wants to read them. Its been a while and I feel like writing!

  • AUTHOR'S NOTE: I don't really feel like explaining much before delving into the story, so if you're not familiar with characters and/or want a refresher, just ask and I can do so later. I figured I'd share stuff that I've already written in my own time and just never came around to sharing it before hand or just decided it was worth showing you guys. It's all Fables related, so don't worry, I'm not going to be shoving any original fiction or other fanfic related things on you. (unless you WANT to see that garbage XD) But yeah, I want to get back into writing more, but I've been getting a little bit of writers block, so I'm also open for criticism and/or suggestions.

    Gabe sat alone on his swing and stared up at the sky, which was slowly growing darker and darker as night drew close. His family had gone inside long ago, as soon as the sun began to set and dinner was served. He kicked at the dirt, wanting nothing more but to stare at the moon, his very best friend, the only thing in the world he felt he really understood.

    Of course, Mother was most certainly watching him through the kitchen window. She always kept a close eye on him. Gabe kept kicking, but the swing didn’t move up and down like he wished it would. Frustrated, he stood from it and began walking toward home. As soon as he stepped inside, he was greeted with a medley of succulent scents bursting in his nostrils. His stomach growls and his temper subsided. Food was good. Gabe loved eating his food. He headed straight for the gigantic dining room that was situated next to the kitchen.

    The noise of everyone’s voices made his ears hurt. He covered them with his hands as he stood in the doorway, but the smell of food was so overbearing that for once, the sound hadn’t bothered him so much. He inched his way along the wall, trying to walk past each of the chairs as his brother Noah fed his niece Sophia, and his sister Ashlynn spoke to her husband Franklin, and his Dad patted his cousin Madeline’s curly head of dark curls, the only one of his Aunt Mary’s children to have dark hair instead of blond hair. He spotted a seat in between Carter and Scarlett and immediately pulled the chair out to sit down. No one payed much attention to him except his mother, who hadn’t once taken her eyes off of him.

    Mother gave him a look of approval and brought him over his special dish. It was made so that none of his food would ever touch each other, something that was very, very important to him. He grabbed a fork awkwardly into his fist, reciting manners in his mind. ‘You must never eat your food with your hands unless they’re chicken nuggets or sandwiches,’ Daddy would always say. Gabe stabbed a carrot with his fork and started humming a song as he ate. It helped drown away the sound.

    “Hey Gabe,” He heard Aunt Mary call softly from the seat across him. “How are you doing today, buddy?”

    Gabe gave a weak smile and just nodded his head shyly. He shoved another carrot into his mouth.

    “So I’ve been seeing this girl,” Carter chatted with Noah. “She’s mundane but she’s very cool, and like, she….”

    “... Charlotte’s very excited to move into the cottage. It’s got three bedrooms, and we hope we can add another family member to the third one someday…” Scarlett told Daddy.

    “Sophia’s getting so big! How many months is she now? I can’t believe how curly her hair is…” Aunt Adi mentioned.

    Voices. Loud voices, stuck in Gabe’s head, bouncing around. Getting louder. Louder. He dropped his fork on the table and began to hum again, covering his ears tightly. He hated noise, he hated so many voices. He hated his ears.

    A pair of hands rested on his shoulders and he coiled underneath them.
    Mother’s voice, soft, quiet, entered his head. “Do you want to go into the den with me, Gabe? We can eat together without the noise.”

    Shocked but contented, Gabe nodded his head and lifted his plate up. A few eyes followed but no one questioned his actions. He followed Mother to the den and was finally able to breath without wanting to gouge out his eardrums.

    Mother smiled so nicely that it made Gabe happy again. She helped him cut his chicken and showed him how to hold the fork again. She wiped away the food from his cheeks whenever he ate messy, and even let him eat his pasta with his fingers.

    Her hand patted his soft brown hair and he looked up at her. She looked like her eyes were going to cry, so he sat up straight and grabbed the fork as quickly as possible. “I’m sorry for the rude, Mommy. I didn’t mean to use my thumbs and my fingers. I will use my fork again. Please don’t cry.”

    She wiped her eyes and giggled softly. “No, no, Gabe. It’s okay. Mommy isn’t upset because you’re not using a fork. I understand when you have to. I’m just….”

    “Just what?” He asked. He set the fork down and folded his hands together, twiddling his fingers and bobbing in his seat.

    “I’m very proud of you,” She said, almost in a whisper. “You’re so smart and kind. I wish I could help you more.”

    “You don’t need to help me,” Gabe replied. “I’m happy, Mommy. I’m happy when you’re happy. Are you happy?”

    She nodded her head fervently. “Of course, baby. I love you and I’m so happy. I’m happy that you’re happy, and I’m happy that we have a big family. What else makes you happy?”

    “Um, let me think,” He said slowly, looking up at the ceiling. He always did that when he had to think for a second. “I’m happy it’s my birthday today. And it’s also Jason’s birthday, and Jessie’s birthday, and Adeline’s birthday too. Did you know that Jason is three hours older than me? And Jessie’s 2 hours and ten minutes older and Adeline is an hour and three minutes and seven seconds older than me?”

    Mother nodded her head. “I know. You remind me every single year. So, how old are you this year?”

    “This year,” Gabe said, proudly staring at the clock on the wall, “I am twelve years, six hours, eleven minutes, and nineteen seconds old.”

    “You’re so smart, aren’t you.” Mother stood up and took Gabe’s plate. “Are you hungry for cake?”

    Gabe shook his head. “No, it’s time for bath. I don’t want any cake right now.”

    “Ah,” She pursed her lips. “That’s right. It’s almost seven o’clock. Let’s get you cleaned up and in bed then, huh?”

    He nods and smiles. Gabe grabs his mother’s hand and leads him past the dining room, where people still talked and had fun and played. A tub was drawn, filled half way with lukewarm water. He sat down and washed his hair and played with the plastic yellow boats that sat on the lowest shelf. He splashed the water, but not too much because he hated getting it in his eyes. Mother helped him dry off his lanky body and gave him a pair of pajamas and new underwear before leading him to bed and switching off the lights.

    She made sure the night-light was kept on, because she knew Gabe hated the dark at night. A sweet kiss on his forehead sealed the deal, and a brief lullaby helped calm his nerves down enough for him to fall into blissful sleep. Gabe closed his eyes and dreamed about the world he will forever be trapped inside of.

    Harmony shut the door softly behind her and leaned up against it. She rubbed her hands over her face and shuddered. In the distance, she could hear everyone singing happy birthday to the rest of her cubs and a round of clapping and more talking.

    It wasn’t fair for them sometimes, and yet they understood what had to be done. She felt like crying some days, because although she was strong enough to handle it all, she couldn’t help but feel guilty. She wished she could give her children equal amounts of attention, but Gabriel was so unpredictable some days that all she could do is focus her energy on him.

    She made her way downstairs, wiping her eyes on her shirtsleeves as she rejoined the rest of her family. The younger kids were getting tired but still ran around anyway, settling themselves in front of the television while the adults hung around the dinner table, dabbing at their slices of cake and chatting away. She sat next to her husband, the love of her life, the only stability her life had to offer. She rested her head on his shoulder and pretended like everything was alright, and was happy she didn’t have to worry too much as she participated in the adult conversations she was having with her adult children and their spouses.

    Her best friend and practically sister, Mary, slid a beer across the table. “We all know you need a little bit of this stuff in ya,” She drawls, taking the nearest spot next to Harmony. “You look exhausted Harm.”

    “I’m just tired. Did a lot of cleaning and cooking before the party. You know.”

    "Yeah, I know,” Though it was obvious Mary knew what else Harmony wasn’t saying. She gave Harmony a sincere side hug and kissed the top of her head. “I know how it is.”

    Eleanor and Rachel came in chattering to one another like little teenage gossip queens. Harmony smiled at the bubbly girls as they grabbed another cup of soda before walking back into the study to hang out with their older cousins. Noah held his sleeping daughter in his arms and Harmony had never seen so much love in a her son’s face than this very moment. Her other son Robbie was playing a nintendo game with Jason and Adeline, Scar was scolding Charlotte for misbehaving, Ashlynn was as big as a house carrying her own litter of children, and Elora looked like she was about to pass out as she leaning into her husband and watched from a distance as her toddler son played with the other kids.

    Harmony felt a warmness in her chest, something she always felt whenever she had the entire family over. She loved her children and her grandchildren to death. Regardless of personality, regardless of their differences, or their abilities. She loved her sons and her daughters, her grandsons and granddaughters, her daughter-in-laws and son-in-laws.

    She loved Gabe especially. She was happy. She was happy he was happy. She was happy her whole family was happy.

    She smiled and kissed her husband’s cheek.

    “What was that for?” He asked jokingly.

    “Oh nothing,” She replied. “I’m just… Happy.”

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    Not keen on posting your stories on Deviantart? (not that I'm complaining, lol)

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    AUTHOR'S NOTE: I don't really feel like explaining much before delving into the story, so if you're not familiar with characters a

  • Deviantart is alright, I just wish the formatting was better for posting stories. If that's where everyone's really hanging though, maybe I'll wander over :) In all honesty, my favorite place to write is Google Drive, but that stuff is basically private to all but me, so there's not much sharing options other than with my friends in real life. It's all good! I've just been bored, you know?

    Not keen on posting your stories on Deviantart? (not that I'm complaining, lol)

  • Agreed, the format does look pretty iffy from what I've seen so far, but at least it's somewhat better when compared to other websites that thrive entirely from just stories (Fanfiction). And it also does seem that way, even though it has been just small talk with them from the way things are looking.

    I gotcha! No harm in that, either. Gotta do something in order to prevent yourself from suffering from complete boredom.

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    Deviantart is alright, I just wish the formatting was better for posting stories. If that's where everyone's really hanging thoug

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    Here it is! I finished it! I'm not AS happy as I would like to be with it, but it's much better than my first attempt. I used Adobe Illustrator and various images online to create what you see. Plus, the type used was from a website so credit to whomever made it.

    enter image description here

  • :')

    It's been a while...

    Sorry, I can't make another story. I forgot where I was going even before the latest one i put 2 years ago.

    Good Fortune btw

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