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'BATMAN - The Telltale Series' Unveiled in First Look Ahead of Summer 2016 Premiere

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Batman Telltale logo

The Telltale crew is down in Los Angeles for the annual E3 Gaming Expo... and today we can share the very first screens and cast details for the upcoming BATMAN - The Telltale Series ahead of its worldwide debut this summer!

Bruce Selina

The episodic series will premiere digitally on home consoles, PC/Mac, and mobile devices, and we'll be showing it privately to guests at E3 this coming week. The series will also be available on game consoles as a special 'Season Pass Disc' which will be available at retailers across North America, Latin America, and Europe later this summer, granting access to the five episode season as it becomes available for download.

Wayne Manor

Our CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Bruner had this to say about the upcoming series: "We've been hard at work at Telltale creating an all-new iteration of the iconic Batman story that puts players in the suit of billionaire Bruce Wayne, just as much as it will put them behind the mask, deciding how to carefully navigate a complex drama, rich with action, crime, corruption, and villainy lurking around every corner of Gotham City. The complex life and fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne has lent itself to becoming a bold evolution of the signature 'Telltale' role-playing experience, and we couldn't be more excited as we prepare to debut the series to players across the world this summer."

Batcave Batmobile

Rendered to look like a living, breathing comic book, Telltale's vision of Batman will feature an award-winning cast of talent, including Troy Baker in the role of Bruce Wayne, Travis Willingham as Harvey Dent, Erin Yvette as Vicki Vale, Enn Reitel as Alfred Pennyworth, Murphy Guyer as Lieutenant James Gordon, Richard McGonagle as Carmine Falcone, and Laura Bailey as Selina Kyle. We'll be able to reveal additional cast and characters as the season progresses.

Look to Telltale's channels on Facebook and Twitter for more news from E3 as it happens!


  • Woohoo, Rhys and Sasha will get together after all. Sounds like a great cast, and those screens look great.

  • Awesome cast, I'm especially looking forward to hearing Richard McGonagle in a other franchise than Uncharted!

  • TFTB's graphics and cast, SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!!

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    dojo32161 Moderator

    Definitely looks interesting.

  • Also, it's weird that Troy Baker has voiced The Joker before, and now he's voicing Batman himself!

  • He's done the role before they stole the lego version from him but I think troy baker wants to just do a one man preformance one day since he can do the entire bat-family and over half of the rouges :p

  • Dear Telltale Games,

    I would like to humbly request that you please include Talia Al Ghul into this game. Talia as you know is 45 years old this year and has not yet been given a chance to shine by DC comics in ways that other characters have. She's been shunned and outcast-ed time and time again over her 45 years more so in the last 10 plus years. You have the chance to break the mold of cookie cutter games that only shed light on the "Chosen clique" of characters. Talia is exotic, beautiful, and deadly and should have the chance to be loved just as much as the rest of the characters of the DC Universe but is always denied a chance.

    Please give her a chance be the trailblazers for her.

    • Are you forgetting Arkham City?

      • No but she was senselessly killed off where she could have been used again in Knight they failed to bring her back from the dead.

        • I wouldn't say she was senselessly killed off, her death served a purpose for Batman. In the game, he did love Talia, it's clearly evident, he was even going to sacrifice the thousands of people in Arkham City just to save her from The Joker. He doesn't want anything to happen to her, but in the end, he couldn't protect her and was killed by The Joker. As if Batman didn't already hate The Joker enough, now he goes and kills the only person he's ever loved, but even with that, he was still going to save The Joker as it's against his moral code. He recognizes all the terrible things The Joker has done, including murdering Talia, but even with that, he won't let him die.

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    Is there going to be any adventure gaming in this or is it more of The Walking Dead-type stuff?




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