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Thinking of buying an LCD/Plasma TV - Help me choose!

posted by jfen005 on - last edited - Viewed by 778 users
Hey everyone,

I'm kinda in a dilemma here trying to decide which LCD/Plasma TV is best to buy. I want one that produces the best image quality, with nice colours, brightness and contrast.

Here's the list amongst which to choose:

Sony 52W5500 (LCD)
Panasonic TX-P50X10E (Plasma)
Grundig Vision 7 47-7970 T (LCD)
Samsung LE52B750 (LCD)
Samsung LE55B650 (LCD)

So, tell me - which of the 5 should I go for?

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    I stand corrected. :)
  • What patters said. And quoted. Also, whether you go for LCD or plasma, think about how much standard-def content you're going to watch. If it's a lot -- maybe you have a big DVD collection, and/or you don't have access to many (or any) HD channels -- you'll want to look at reviews which mention how well those TVs upscale SD video, broadcast or DVD. Some are better at this than others regardless of their HD performance. On the other hand, a good 1080p upscaling DVD or Blu-ray player can make up for a TV's upscaling deficiencies, but only (obviously) for home video viewing.
  • I've heard plasma is the better option on TV's bigger than 40".

    I would also reccommend samsung, although the sound on HD channels can be a little low (nothing that can't be sorted by turning the volume up, or using surround sound/speakers)
  • adventureaddict;249768 said:
    LCD, and definetly Samsung.

    Just because. :D
    i must say I do love my wee Samsung 19" :)
  • JedExodus;249926 said:
    i must say I do love my wee Samsung 19" :)
    I've never had problems with samsung. Though I do advise making SURE youkeep your reciept and get an extended warrenty on _ANY_ Westinghouse. I've had *mostly* good luck but 1 monitor is a real b****

    my 42" HDTV is a Sharp I got on sale for $500 and have had no regrets
  • Personally I find LG TV's to be the best because, gaming wise anyway, they give you the most options and control, for gaming you don't need 200Hz, Dynamic Contrast or Noise Reduction, so having the ability to turn them off and let the game shine as it is is great, also enables the fastest response time for your games (which is good for Fighting Games, FPS's, etc) also the imagine quality on the latest line of panels are pretty great IMO, and I've come from a Samsung to an LG and the LG has the upper hand.
  • You also get much darker blacks with Plamsa TV's. Burn in is not a huge problem unless you leave your TV on a lot when you're not watching moving images. I always turn it off if I'm going to pause something for more than 5 minutes.
    Also, in terms of power consumption, it is true that plasma TVs use more power, but I have it on a power strip, and every night I turn it off. I've had our 50" Samsung plasma since May and I haven't noticed a difference in our electricity bill.
  • Avoid samsung for their bad audio. For picture I prefer Plasma. The picture is more film like. LCDs have a digital look which are not good for movies.
  • Zodler;251759 said:
    LCDs have a digital look which are not good for movies.
    The only reason the picture looks "Digital" is because most people don't set them up properly, people think all these extra features need to be on, Digital Noise Reduction, 200hz, Dynamic Contrast, etc are not really needed at all and just gimmicks. That's why I like LG LCD TV's, they give you the option to turn these off. Having the PS3 on an LG TV, turning off all those "Bonus" Picture "Enhancements", activating 24Hz "True Cinema" and having the TV set to Just Scan instead of 16:9 framing gives off this brilliant picture for films that really shows the detail without the TV screen trying to apply any after effects, let things shine as they are, turn off all that Post TV Display Enhancement crap!
  • jfen005;249700 said:
    Panasonic TX-P50X10E (Plasma)
    ANYTHING BUT THAT ONE! it kills the environment!

    (plasma burns much more energy than lcd/led)
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