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TTTH causes my computer to freeze

posted by billdavidmoore on - last edited - Viewed by 258 users
I just tried to play a game and got to a point where there was a split pot and the computer froze. This has happened often (computer freezing), and frequently at a split pot. What is wrong?
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  • Hi Bill, when did you download the game? I've heard of issues related to the split pot, but I'm pretty sure anything that would cause your computer to crash has already been fixed. Might be worth redownloading/reinstalling.
  • I downloaded the game from Amazon on 12-25-09.
    Are you in Sausalito, and if so, do you have the game on a CD that I could pick up or borrow? I'm in Corte Madera.
  • hmm, Amazon should have the most recent version I believe. I'll have to poke around here to see if anyone knows anything. Sorry!
  • Still have the same problem. If there is a split pot, the computer freezes, and when I reboot the computer, I have to start over again and risk yet another split pot. Any solution or suggestions will be appreciated.
  • Hmmm, well it certainly couldn't hurt to try updating your DirectX and graphics drivers. To update directx, go here:

    If you don't know how to update your graphics drivers, could you get me the following information:
    Go to your Start menu and click on Run.
    Type in "dxdiag" and hit enter.
    Then go to the Display tab
    While here, the useful things for us:
    Current Display Mode:
    Main Driver:
    Also, what is your operating system?
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