Sneak Peek at Telltale's Next Season of 'The Walking Dead' Revealed at E3



  • Yeah i noticed maybe in the story will be how she cuts her winger off.

    does anyone notice Clem's MISSING FINGER

  • I can't wait!!!!The new engine looks amazing.Also Clem is...different!!!!Also, I'm curious about how the season 2 ending will combine with the beggining of season 3.

  • Well that makes sense

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    Alvin Junior was renamed to Alvin Javier in S3. He outgrow Clem because she decided to make him a magical tattoo using blood magic

  • Is Melissa Hutchison still doing the voice?

  • Yes, she does. Why wouldn't she?

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    Is Melissa Hutchison still doing the voice?

  • Wow, Clemmy has indeed grown up! I must say though, her facial features have changed a bit too much.. a lot of her face structures. It doesn't really bother me but I just think that the development of the character may physically be a little too much. Not mentally, cause mentally she has indeed developed into a strong and independant woman and she definately knows how to take care of herself by the experience she has been through. :) Otherwise I must say I am extremly excited for the new season and I can not wait to play it!

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    I am totally confused now,
    1. I leave with Kenny,
    2. Telltale and IGN wrote if you become with Keny so they can find Christa
    3. I have seen a picture Chista and Kenny hugging each other
    4. my Lee promised to Kenny should look for Clementine

    1. Clementine now have the option to choose whether to stay with his travel companion. Kenny is an old and trusted friend, but has clearly been emotionally unstable since the events of season 01. Jane is also a good ally, but proved that she is unreliable and reckless at risk A.J. which she did. If the player chooses not to rescue Jane, and instead look away when she requested will kill Kenny Jane with her own knife. After the dust settles, the Clementine decide not to allow Kenny to accompany her on the rest of her journey.

    If she covers him, the two will eventually make it to Wellington (the high option, Christa and Kenny tried to reach all season), but quickly learn that the connection is excess capacity and no longer accepting new members into the community. Kenny offers to sacrifice himself in nature, if members of Wellington will allow Clementine and A.J. being - Clementine can either accept his proposal and remain in Wellington or choose to remain with Kenny on uncertain (and unsafe) road ahead.

    Distract SCAVENGERS: If the player chooses to attempt a rescue, will Clementine stick one of scavengers in the head with a stone, alert them to her presence, but allows Christa a moment to start running.

    1. it just looks so wrong

    2. season three Clementine is 13-14 years. Alvin Jr.3 - 4 years
      It will not say that Alvin is not Javier

    3. Why can not you can not see Kenny? If Kenny is not more or dead, so I would not play more

    I totally confuse

  • She's not African American.

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    Yes, she does. Why wouldn't she?

  • That's the reason? Because she isn't African American? Okay...

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    She's not African American.

  • I can not wait! It'll be interesting to see how well Clementine has grown up and how independent she is in the new season.

  • Does anyone have any idea what happened to Christa? Will season 3 reveal that to us?
    I just really don't want her to end up being dead or something :/

  • Oh my gooooodnesss

  • Fantastic! I am so psyched to see this, and especially that Clementine is still a part of the world! Can't wait.

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