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Rocko's Modern Life Adventure game?

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I think rocko's modern life would be a great property for telltale to make a series of episodic adventure games. It has great characters, classic humour and a weird world which would fit in perfectly with the adventure genre. It also has a nice core of fans(who are still waiting for a dvd) what do you think?
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  • thom_h;14067 said:

    Has Rocko's Modern Life on DVD! And other classic cartoons.
    Yeah, but that's still illegal. It would be nice if someone came out with an official DVD collection.
  • Wow if nickelodeon owns all the rights that would suck :mad: What would you think of joe murray working with telltale on an original game idea? I'm sure he could create great characters and a great world such as he did with rocko's modern life..
  • Well if Telltale's ready to do a completely new license you'd think they'd let their own designers take a whack at it.
  • It doesn't sound like telltale are gonna do a new license anytime soon tho right..isnt there another "secret license" they are working on as well?
  • I LOVE ROCKO"S MODERN LIFE!!! What a great idea! Although I wish someone would make a simpsons adventure game!!!
  • Insert my username here;14503 said:
    I LOVE ROCKO"S MODERN LIFE!!! What a great idea! Although I wish someone would make a simpsons adventure game!!!
    I saw an advertisement for a "The Simpsons" movie a few days ago. I can only hope it was some sort of sick joke... What a godawful license to turn into a movie. It simply doesn't work! I am unable to imagine any possible way you could translate Simpsons in movies. Not that I care as I stopped finding the Simpsons funny some time ago for some reason. I'm not sure why. I just stopped finding humour in it. It was quite odd really.
  • what do you mean - a simpsons adventure game? . . . i thought hit and run was alright, it was more driving than adventuring though.
  • If it weren't still owned by Nick, I'd be surprised. They held on to Invader Zim, even though everyone considers it strictly the creation and therefore property of Jhonen Vasquez.

    That said, if Telltale could get hold of it and create the game in an adventure style, there is no concievable way I would not play it.

    Rocko's Modern Life was one of my greatest childhood memories. Watching reruns years later showed me just how many jokes I missed. I think it would fit nicely somewhere between the wacky nature of Steve Purcell's Sam & Max and the hilarious though thrilling story concepts of Jeff Smith's Bone.

    So, what do you say, oh master's of Telltale gaming? Looking into it?
  • If only.... That show was a classic, and like Zim, really pushed the boundaries of Nick's censors.

    But a Simpsons adventure game? I'm drooling in wait for the movie, but Simpsons games haven't quite had a great track record. Only the arcade game and Hit And Run were even marge-inally enjoyable... (heehee)
  • The video games were pretty painful, but yes, the show was an afternoon TV staple as I grew up. GOOD times. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD times.
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