Help finding buried treasure in Ep2

Hey, guys.
I'm working on episode 2 right now, and am stuck trying to find where that captain's two goons decided to bury the treasure. I put the pyrite parrot in the box so I imagine I'd hear it if I got close. I first checked the jungle, but I'm pretty sure I've looked at every screen. Then, realizing they took the raft, I decided to try that island where the beachcomber/adventurer lived. Couldn't really see any clickable sand or other possibilities there. I even checked the Spinner Cay main island, though that's mostly rock, for any possibilities, but nothing there either.

I know that it has to be somewhere within those 3 islands since the raft they took can't go outside of there, but can someone tell me if I'm missing something? Like some flyspeck island I haven't noticed on the raft screen?


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    Katana wrote: »
    I know that it has to be somewhere within those 3 islands
    Are you sure? ;)
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    In adventure games, if things that make sense don't work, I think the first course of action should be to try things that don't make sense before asking for help. ;)
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    Things that don't make sense, eh?...
    Okay. I'll try using the breath mints with the windowsill. Maybe that will open a dimensional portal to the vaseline world.

    And yes, I am sure; they took the RAFT. I don't see any other islands on the raft screen, and I know its range is limited anyway.
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    ...for you...
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    maybe they took the raft to arrive to their ship as you do?
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    You might want to examine the map a little more closely.
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    As far as where you need to sail to, remember the pirates said that they buried the artifact far away from the jerkbait islands, meaning that it could be on Flotsam for all you know (not that it is). I would try sailing somewhere with the screaming narwhal, as stated by previous members.
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