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I just had two wisdom teeth pulled

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...and I would just like to say "ow". Getting them pulled isn't that bad at all, it's when the local anasthetic wears off. Plus I can't smoke for 48 hours, which has put me in the most darling of moods. AND, in a months time i've to go back up to belfast to get the other two pulled and do it again!!

Anyway, my point being. Anyone got any good strategies to cope or any good tales? I've already been annoying people with my teeth, putting them down my brothers back, leaving them in the bathroom sink....the usual :p
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  • I can't really remember much about coping, other than I really hated the pain and all the bleeding. I just remember I had the brilliant idea of putting two tea bags in my mouth to soak up the blood, which was pretty cool because I used mint tea the second time and it soothed the pain a bit, but the first time I used lemon and chamomile and it was really gross and terrible.

    Oh yeah and I got sick of slim fasts after a while.
  • My brother had one of his wisdom teeth pulled a couple years ago. They gave him painkillers, though. I dunno if they gave you some.
    And the not smoking thing? Well, I can't really help you there, since I've never smoked before, but I imagine it's the same with every addiction. Get your mind off it by playing video games.
  • Oh yeah, and be thankful you weren't my friend, who only got a shot to make her numb, then got her teeth pulled right there and then, and then after they were done she walked back by herself to her car, bleeding and everything, and went back home, with no painkillers for the whole ordeal. D:
  • Sucks to be you.

    As for dealing with the pain, just think about this guy:

    Look at him. Just chilling out. Also, I find that laughing kind of helps, and according to a recent study, so does swearing. You could always slit your wrists though. That would take your mind off the pain in your mouth by releasing endorphins (I wouldn't actually do that if I were you to be honest)
  • I had four teeth taken out to have braces put in a few weeks back. That hurt. The needle started leaking midway through the dosage, so my throat was numb for a while. And the dentist chipped part of one of my teeth off with the plyers. Dentists are fun!
  • @Friar: Your dentist sounds like a quack. :)
  • Maxilyah;253870 said:
    @Friar: Your dentist sounds like a quack. :)
    Theres a different one there every time i go these days. She's Polish now. (or at least she was 6 months ago)...
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Man, that hurts - I really feel for you!

    I had all 4 of mine done at once. The good thing about that was knowing I didn't have to go back for another round of pain. :rolleyes:

    Did you have them done "in the chair", or under general anaethetic? Mine were done in the chair, with the dentist using what looked like a set of garden tools. One of the teeth was REALLY stuck and I seriously thought at one point that he was either going to give up or brace his foot on my forehead to lever it out.

    As for the pain, I have no useful suggestions aside from drugs. The stuff they gave me (codeine) was so strong it knocked me out, which was fantastic for sleeping through it as much as possible. Hooray for narcotics! Snuggling with my little doggie was also a big help... yeah I'm a sook. Annoying your siblings is good for taking your mind off the pain, sounds like you already got that one figured out. :p
    Friar;253868 said:
    The needle started leaking midway through the dosage, so my throat was numb for a while.
    Eurgh, that stuff tastes so gross too.
    Maxilyah;253848 said:

    [ ... ] I imagine it's the same with every addiction. Get your mind off it by playing video games.
    What about a video game addiction? :p
  • When I had mine done, the dentist told me to count backwards from 100 after giving me the fall asleep juice, so I said 100, 99, 98, blinked, 97, and then I noticed the clock in front of me said 3:30 instead of 2:45.

    I don't remember a lot of bleeding, but then again I have really low blood pressure so it's never easy to get blood out of me. And don't watch funny stuff. Smiling? Not such a good idea when your cheeks are the size of baseballs.

    And what's a sook and video game addiction? How can you be addicted to video games? That's like saying, "I'm addicted to water" or "oxygen".
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Lena_P;253879 said:

    And what's a sook [ ... ]?
    Sook (n.) - a person seeking emotional comfort in a babyish or infantile manner. Pronounced to rhyme with "look". Also see sook (v.), sooky (adj.), sook-face (n.), "have a sook".

    Welcome to my lexicon. :p
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