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Changed shipping address and tried to inform via email

posted by pr0mille on - last edited - Viewed by 193 users

I moved, but my shipping address could not be changed from the settings. Thus I sent email, but seemingly it didn't come through because I've not received any reply.

You propably sent a copy of Tales of Monkey Island to my old address, and I would like to have it on my new address. This case has the code 'issue-25223'.

Best regards,

Sami from Helsinki, Finland
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  • Hi Sami from Helsinki, Finland

    The MI disc is still in production. When it's available for pre-order, you will get a notification and you'll be able to change your address then.

    You should be hearing more details from us shortly.

  • also, your ticket was answered on December 22, 2009. Perhaps a hungry spam and/or junk folder ate it? Glad you checked in with us on the forums about it.

  • Thanks for the lightning fast answer, Bonnie! My spam filters propably caught the reply, but it's good to know that everything's fine and details will follow.
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