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Video: The TRUE Secret of Monkey Island

posted by andygeers on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
I've put together a YouTube video discussing some of the conspiracy theories about what Ron Gilbert meant by The Secret of Monkey Island.

It contains MAJOR spoilers to both SOMI and MI2:LR so don't watch if you haven't played them yet but intend to!

Hope you enjoy it!
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  • That is very interesting. I was always amazed by that sudden theme park ending of MI:2. The way you put it actually makes more sense of that.

    Although on the other hand, why would Gilbert already reveal the theme park as the "secret" in MI:2 if he planned a third installment? Wouldn't it make sense to wait and only reveal the true secret in MI:3? This would indicate that there is actually more to it than just the themepark..

    But as you mentioned.. Only Ron Gilbert knows.. I hope he will one day reveal his origional intentions for MI. :)

    EDIT: Gilbert was there for the brainstorm for Tales of MI, so might be worth checking if you can find any clues in ToMI he might have left behind regarding the theme park plot.
  • I wouldn't say that the ending of MI2 *entirely* gives the game away: I think there are still a lot of unexplained threads, and you're left with a reasonable amount of doubt. So I still think there's room for a "third" game.
  • Very well made!
    Funny, when you pointed out the clues in the tunnels, I had the urge to play it again right now. The game is so scary and hugely atmospheric at this scene.
  • I always interpreted the theme park ending as a voodoo trick made by LeChuck. If they walk away from the last scene you see Chuckies eyes glow, which indicates that the spirit of LeChuck is present inside him.

    I think this is also how the developers of MI:3 (TCoMI) saw it, since LeChuck says something like "I dont know how you escaped my Carnival of the Damned.." when he sees Guybrush float by in the bumper car. I wonder if Gilbert passed on that info on to the new developers of TCoMI or that they worked without any of his guidance.

    Since Gilbert left though, it's been hard to determine what is actually "canon". What was added later is pretty much interpretation from other developers. I would like to get my hands on Gilbert's origional script for MI3 though :)
  • Majus;254456 said:
    Very well made!
    Funny, when you pointed out the clues in the tunnels, I had the urge to play it again right now. The game is so scary and hugely atmospheric at this scene.
    Thanks Majus, that means a lot coming from such a mighty animator as yourself!
  • Andy, you might like this:

    It's a comic someone drew about SoMI. In the last panel (shadow!) you can see how the artist interpreted the story. Seems the Voodoo Lady warned Guybrush about how he'll discover things about his world, in this case that he's actually a child, maybe dreaming about it.
  • Hezus;254460 said:
    Wow, that is a cool comic! I included that scene in my video, since it seems like a pretty blatant clue that there's something going on.
  • I think he'll take that secret with him into his grave.

    Unless they go ahead with the original idea for the third game and create some kind of giant rewind to negate everything that has happened since CMI, I doubt we'll ever get to see it.

    Some kind of voodoo curse could probably achieve that, but rewinds like that have become such a cliché, I also doubt it'll be well received by the fans.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    That was quite amusing. :)

    I enjoyed it - very well done, thanks for sharing!
  • Oooh...I love conspiracy theories, I have made quite a few of them myself.
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